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All over the world, mountain and forest natural landscapes depict a special charm and beauty, because these ecosystems are a very extraordinary combination of the violence of the mountains and the softness of plants. Bolivia is also a country with many valleys and mountains and is not without this natural attraction.


North Yungas Road


The North Yungas mountain and forest road in Bolivia, a narrow and winding road of 69 kilometers, is the only route that passes through the depths of the Amazon forest and the Andes mountain range and its deep valleys to two cities. Connect La Paz and Coroico. The historic Yungas Road was built in the 1930s by Paraguayan prisoners of war during the bloody fighting of the Chaco War.



The reputation of this road is that it is dangerous and it is called Death Road. In some places, the height of the road reaches 3,600 meters above sea level, while a valley with a depth of 2,800 meters is located a few centimeters from the side of the road, and the smallest error causes a fall into that deep, deadly valley.


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Yungas, a deadly road but tourism!



This road, which is located 56 kilometers northeast of La Paz and in the Yungas region of Bolivia, was named the most dangerous road in the world by the Latin American Development Bank in 1995. An estimate in 2006 showed that 200 to 300 people die annually on this road. There is also a South Yungas road that connects La Paz to Cholomani, and it is no less dangerous than the North Yungas.



You may not believe it, but the reputation of this road as the most dangerous road of death has turned it into a strange tourist attraction. Thrill seekers and risk seekers from all over the world travel to Bolivia to visit this road. Different groups of climbers, backpackers, cyclists, etc.


Yungas, Yungas Road, Death Road

The most beautiful pictures of the road to death



They bring themselves from different countries to Bolivia to cross the road of death and challenge death! Of course, many of them are killed on this road, but these events do not prevent other tourists from entering this area! Driving along Yungas Road is like driving on a roller coaster, there are no guardrails on the side of the road.



Cycling on the road of death is known as one of the most exciting and dangerous sports in the whole world. Most of the time, thick fog covers the length of the road, which makes crossing it much more difficult and dangerous. Also, heavy rains and as a result slippery roads, high and dangerous rocks and various waterfalls have made this road the most dangerous road in the world.


Yungas, Yungas Road, the most famous roads in the world

Traffic of cars on the road of death



The location of the road between the Amazon forests and the capital of Bolivia has caused many traders to cross this dangerous road by truck to sell their timber. It is interesting that many buses and trailers cross the road of death in both directions.



After 20 years of modernization of Yungas road, it is said that the road of death is not as dangerous and deadly as before, but in any case, danger, fear and excitement are an integral part of this route.


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