The top 10 luxury hotels in the Greek island of Mykonos

Hotel on the island of Mykonos, Greece


Undoubtedly, the island of Mykonos, which is located in the heart of the Aegean Sea, is the jewel of the Cyclades Islands and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece. This small island with dreamy beaches, azure sea water, spectacular scenery and white villages attracts more than a million tourists every summer. Since Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly visited Mykonos in the 1960s, the island has become a vacation spot for the rich and famous, with new hotels opening every year. Read this article and 10 of The best luxury hotels on the island of Mykonos get to know


Belvedere Hotel

The Belvedere Hotel looks like a postcard with its courtyard covered with paper flowers and its position on top of the hill overlooking the Aegean Sea. Belordeh has 49 quiet and cozy suites. Rooms with 21st century decorations and ergonomically designed furniture perfectly match the taste of the new generation. The pool floor has a crystal design and the view from the balcony represents the whitewashed houses of the Cyclades islands in front of the enchanting crystal blue sea. Don’t forget to eat at the restaurant of this hotel and try the cooking of the famous chef Nobu Matsuhisa to taste the delicious concoctions prepared to the rhythm of the music.


Santa Marina Luxury Residence Complex (Santa Marina Resort)


Santa Marina is only 10 minutes away from the airport and Mykonos town, so staying there makes it easy to explore and explore all the attractions of the island. You can spend the whole day enjoying Mykonos and its surrounding beaches before returning to this haven of authentic Aegean beauty in Ornos Bay. Guests can choose from 10 rooms and suites, along with 13 villas, which have between two and seven bedrooms. The interior is stylish and the view of the exterior through the hotel’s beautiful balconies overlooks a modern yet natural luxury beach. The facilities of this hotel include the only private sandy beach in Mykonos, unique swimming pools, international quality spa and four food and beverage options. Santa Marina invites guests to enjoy the glamorous Mykonos lifestyle in the most stylish setting on the island.


Kivotos Mykonos


When you visit Kyotos Mykonos, you’ll be hard-pressed to decide what you love most about this accommodation. Would a private beach with golden sand overlooking Ornos Bay be on your wish list, or would a huge seawater pool with an in-water cafe welcome you as you take a dip? Maybe it’s the rooftop pool surrounded by fragrant gardens that makes you fall in love with it, and maybe it’s the blissful feeling you get from daily yoga classes, relaxing baths or spa treatments? Honestly, you will enjoy every moment of your stay at this resort. Kyotos Mykonos has 39 suites and 2 villas designed to create a homely feel and family gatherings and decorated with an impressive collection of artefacts. Sipping fresh seafood under candlelight on the porch completes the experience.


Kalesma Mykonos


The word Kalesma in Greek means “inviting"; A word that best describes the character of this private luxury boutique hotel, located on a hill near Ornos Bay. Due to its prominent location, Kalsema provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, giving guests the unique opportunity to watch and enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the same vantage point. The white gazebos that make up the hotel suites are built in a way that makes this residence look like a charming village. Inspired by Cycladic architecture, Kalesma combines tradition with modern contemporary elements and has a stylish and minimalistic interior. In the construction and decoration of 25 suites and two large villas of this residence, beautiful local materials are used, which gives the guests the feeling that they are staying in an authentic neighborhood of Mykonos.


Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort


Apollo, the Greek god of healing, is said to have been born on the island of Delos, which is located in front of the Mykonos Grand Hotel and Resort. You are sure to feel divine staying in this stunning area, a collection of white cube houses spread over five acres of prime beach. The hotel’s 96 rooms and suites are large in size and have clean and orderly decoration. Some rooms even have private pools. Treat yourself to a spa treatment, enjoy a leisurely stroll through the charming town of Chora, or take a dip in the outdoor pool. The hotel’s open-air restaurant serves good Greek food with spectacular sunsets. The resort recently opened an ultra-stylish property called Rivera Hotel & Spa near Mykonos Town.


Cavo Tagoo Mykonos


Cavo Tago is a 5-star resort located in the outskirts of the city. This luxurious and ultra-stylish hotel features a unique swimming pool, a surreal aquarium cafe, spectacular sunset views, an excellent restaurant and an intimate spa that offers an array of relaxing and wonderful treatments. The property, which gently slopes down from a hill towards the Aegean Sea, offers a wide range of 83 luxury rooms and suites that are stylishly minimalist and furnished in the white color that the Cyclades are famous for. You can book a private villa for a romantic break. Almost all of its luxury rooms have balconies, with sea views, private pools or jacuzzis.


Bill & Coo Coast Suites


An intimate beach resort on the sunny stretch of Agios Ioannis beach, it is exclusively for adults and is a haven of relaxation. With their coastal location, these suites allow tourists to receive the energy of the earth. Fragrant gardens full of lavender, olives, trees and prickly pears provide a natural setting. The perfect weather in this beach resort is due to its green and natural environment. Clear waters perfect for swimming and a beautiful and unique beach club are just steps away from the suites. All suites have white walls, colorful furniture and a view of the sea. Ground floor suites have more facilities such as luxury private pools, plunge pools and beautiful balconies.


Aeonic Suites & Spa


Aeonic means longevity, which is a fitting name for this hotel because if you choose this perfect place for relaxation and recreation, your life will be extended. Aonic Suite and Spa is located in the western part of the island of Mykonos, in the Gulf of Corfu, and is the newest 5-star boutique hotel in Mykonos. With its beautiful architecture, attractive interior design and minimalist elegance, this residence is one of the most stylish and timeless resorts on the island. Each of the 34 rooms of this hotel, depending on the floor of the room, has its own open space or private pool or jacuzzi. Other hotel facilities include a large swimming pool overlooking Ornos Bay, a magnificent rooftop spa and one of the best fine dining spots in Mykonos.



Grecotel Mykonos Blu Resort


Built on a low slope overlooking the famous Pesaro beach, the 5-star Gractule Blue Resort is thoughtfully designed and reflects the Cyclades landscape in a cubist way, and travelers experience unique views, special lighting and great atmosphere. . Boasting spectacular views of the most glamorous Mediterranean island, a stunning pool, indoor and outdoor balconies and lounges, this resort is a traveler’s paradise. Romantic bungalow suites with private pools have made this hotel one of the most popular accommodations in the Aegean Sea. The hotel has two excellent restaurants, a warm and intimate spa and a private beach club on Pesaro Beach.


Myconian Villa Collection


You may not believe it, but there is a rumor that the gods of Mount Olympus are willing to gladly exchange their heavenly position for a villa in the Mykonian villa complex.


Fortunately, ordinary people can also choose from this group of private villas and guest rooms and interior suites overlooking Elia Bay. All 59 villas of this resort are designed in the traditional Cycladic style. A smart combination of contemporary and classic decoration and a set of high comfort facilities, including private and shared pools, a spa and the possibility of choosing a restaurant with delicious food, give this collection of villas an outstanding feature. Managed by the Mykonian Group, the Mykonos Villas Collection includes ten outstanding luxury hotels in Mykonos, including two world-renowned hotels, two design hotels and one small luxury hotel.


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