The strangest trees in the world + photo

In addition to ancient monuments and travel entertainment, sometimes we like to go on nature trips and get to know more about the beauty of nature under the pretext of visiting a special tree or the strangest flower in the world. In this article, we want to introduce you to the strangest trees in the world.


1- Australia, Volmia pine tree
The life of the large and beautiful Volmia pine tree dates back to the ice age and has more than 200 million years of life. The height of this tree is 40 meters and its bark is brown. The pine tree of Australia is green throughout the year and is located 200 km from Sydney.



Volmia pine tree


2- Elia Boibon, Vovez olive tree
Can you believe that the oldest olive tree in the world still produces delicious olives every year? Scientists from the University of Crete have estimated the age of this tree between 3500 and 4000 years; The circumference of the trunk of this tree is more than 4.5 meters. This tree is located in the village of Ano Vouz in Crete and is visited by about 20 thousand people every year.


The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Vovez olive tree


3- Brazilian vine
The Brazilian grape is a strange tree with raspberry-like fruits growing on its branches and stems. They are in the states of Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Other species of Myrtaceae family are native to Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia. This tree is decorated with purple-black or white fleshy fruits. These fruits can be eaten raw and can be used in jellies, drinks and juices. When the fruits cover the entire surface of the tree, it is like small animals surround it. The medicinal properties of these fruits are known.



The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Brazilian vine


4- Abarkoh cypress tree
Abarkoh cypress tree is one of the oldest remaining trees from about 4000 years ago and is considered one of Iran’s national natural monuments. This tree is located in the city of Abarkouh, Yazd, and it is about 11.5 meters high, and of course, its height with its roots is between 25 and 28 meters. This tree has a special importance in Iranian literature and culture and has been introduced in the world as a symbol of life and beauty. The exact age of this cedar has not been measured, but it is undoubtedly among the six oldest trees in the world. The Abarkoh cypress tree took root in the earth at the same time as the invention of the wheel in Central Asia and witnessed the progress of human civilization throughout the era.



The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Abarkoh cypress tree


5- Rainbow tree
The trunk of a tree called Rainbow Eucalyptus looks as if a bucket of different colors has poured onto the trunk. This tree is native to areas in the South Pacific such as New Guinea and the Hawaiian Islands. The different color spectrums of the trunk of this tree have given it a special appearance. This eucalyptus is not only beautiful but also useful for humans. The bark of the tree trunk, which falls easily, is suitable for making paper pulp, and there will be no need to cut down the tree.

It is a type of eucalyptus tree that naturally grows only in the northern parts of the world such as Britain, New Guinea and Mindanao.


The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Eucalyptus rainbow tree


6- Dragon blood trees:
Among the local population, it is known as Dam al-Akhawain, a native tree of Yemen’s Socotra Islands. This name was given to it because of the red juice that flows from it.


The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Dragon blood trees


7- Paradise tree
Paradise tree or juniper tree is a type of mountain cypress and is considered one of the native trees of China, Japan and South Korea. But today this tree can be found in all continents with warm and temperate climate. The name of this mountain tree has a heavenly meaning, and in Chinese, the natives call it the heavenly tree.


The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Paradise tree or juniper tree


8- Boav tree
Boab tree is a big hollow tree that in ancient times, natives used it as a prison. Boab is actually the largest tree in the world. This mysterious tree is located in the south of Derby, located in Western Australia, and is considered one of the national heritage of that country.



The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Boab tree


9- Huge sequoia
Sequoias are giant trees that are the only species in the giant tree category (Sequoiadendron). This type of evergreen trees are native to the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. They are generally called big trees and they are the biggest trees in the world and the biggest living things in terms of size.

On average, these trees can grow up to a height of 50 to 85 meters and their diameter is 6 to 8 meters. They are among the oldest living organisms on the planet. This tree is even resistant to fire. Sequoias reveal that giant dinosaurs once lived on Earth. In the prehistoric period, they were widely spread in North America and the green forests of Europe and Asia. But in the last ice age, they decreased drastically and today they cover a small area of ​​California.


The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

Sequoia trees


10- General Sherman’s tree
General Sherman tree is the name of a huge and tall tree named in honor of William Sherman, an American general. This tree is one of the tallest giant sequoia trees, whose height reaches nearly 84.8 meters.

The trunk volume of this strange tree was estimated to be approximately 1487 cubic meters around 2002. General Sherman is located in Sequoia National Park in California. It is interesting to know that the approximate age of this tree is estimated to be around 2300 to 2700 years.


The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

General Sherman’s tree


11- Kapok tree
This tree is unique because of the simple and long blades that cover all its branches. In this way, it is specific to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean and northern South America. Some of its species are also found in the tropical regions of West Africa. This tree is known for the cotton-like hairs obtained from the core sheath.

According to Mayan mythology, these trees are a sign of holiness and are among the tallest trees in the world. In Miami, Florida lives the oldest of this type of tree with an age of 200 years.



The strangest trees in the world, strange trees, giant trees

kapok tree



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