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Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island in northern France in the Normandy region

Mont Saint-Michel is a tidal island in the north of France in the Normandy region, which is considered one of the most interesting tourist spots in France.

This island, which is 98 meters above sea level, currently has a population of 44 people, although at its best in 1854, it had a population of 1,182 people. The structural composition of the city is an example of the feudal society that built it. Above the god, below the monastery, below these are the great hall, then shops and houses, and outside the walls, the dwellings of fishermen and farmers.

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Mont Saint-Michel is considered one of the wonders of France because of its island landscape

This building, which has three million visitors a year, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Mont Saint-Michel is considered one of the wonders of France because of its island landscape and the quality of its buildings and its historical continuity. This temple, which used to be a place of worship for the Celts, joined the Christian domain in the 8th century AD.

First, a prayer house was dedicated to “Michel", the close angel, and fortunately, the monastery that later replaced it, was able to expand freely in the shadow of the surrounding fortifications. During the Gothic period, the religious fame of the Temple of Michel reached its peak, and the influx of pilgrims to this point expanded so much that it forced the priests to continuously build taller and wider buildings that were supported by strong piers. One of the wonders of the world, which is a collection of buildings with a height of 1211 to 1228 meters from the ground, was created.

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Mont Saint-Michel has three million visitors a year and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

This complex consists of 5 large halls that are in two rows on top of each other and a very interesting monastery is built on top of it as if it is suspended between the sky and the sea. Since then, this temple has suffered a miserable fate. After the partial destruction of the church and the conversion of the monastery into a prison, this change of function led to its complete destruction. But its successive repairs from a hundred years ago brought back the original grandeur of this church.

Today, this building not only attracts countless tourists every year, but is also considered a place of worship. On the occasion of the 1000 year celebration of its building, a number of Saint-Benoit sect priests managed to resettle there.

A part of Mont Saint-Michel was turned into a prison in the early 19th century, and with the efforts of people like Victor Hugo, the prison was closed in 1863 and turned into a mere historical monument. In 1979, UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site.


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