The scariest hotels in the world (+ photo)

Scariest hotels in the world

In this article, we have selected a selection of the scariest hotels for you. Hotels that each have an amazing and mysterious story.

Hotel Horror in Las Vegas:

horror hotel

A hotel called Hotel Panic has been built in Las Vegas with an area of ​​1393 square meters and 10 million dollars have been spent to build it, although the architects and builders of this hotel have expressed that spending this money to build this building is worth it. The atmosphere of this hotel is designed in such a way that it conveys fear and terror to the people who are present there.

The mirrors in the bathroom of the horror hotel are bloody, and pieces of artificial human skin can be clearly seen in the corners of the laundry room. In spite of all these scary things, it is noteworthy that some people who are interested in horror also hold their wedding parties in this scary hotel.

McCamey Manor Hotel:

The scariest hotels, scary hotels, McCamey Manor Hotel

McCamey Manor Hotel

McKamey Manor is the name of this hotel located in San Diego. When you visit this hotel, you will experience a completely interactive environment, which has a great effect on making it scary.

In this hotel, you have to go through 4 different and terrible locations, in each of which scary things happen to you. You may fall into a cage at any moment, tied to a chair and covered in blood! Each time visiting this hotel, only two people can enter it and visitors can see what happens to them during their stay in this hotel through the webcams installed.

The founders of this hotel, including 55-year-old Ross McCamey, have created different cinematic scenes to ensure that no visit is the same. Therefore, scary events and locations do not become repetitive and normal for anyone. The theme of this hotel changes every year and visitors are subjected to scary experiences such as being in a cage full of snakes, eating rotten eggs and even being robbed.

Stanley Hotel

The scariest hotels, scary hotels, Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel in Colorado, USA

The Stanley Hotel is located in Estes Park, Colorado, USA. This luxurious hotel with 400 beds was established in 1909 and managed to attract many tourists. But what puts this beautiful hotel on the list of scary accommodations. Paranormal activities peaked in the 70s and terrified the passengers of this hotel.

According to them, wandering ghosts can be seen in every corner of this hotel and they have a special interest in the billiard and piano room! These reports sent many ghost hunting teams to this residence and the claims of hotel guests were also confirmed by them.

FORT GARRY HOTEL in Winnipeg, Canada

The scariest hotels, scary hotels, FORT GARRY hotel in Winnipeg


Many guests reported the presence of a lady in a white dress in their rooms, and others claimed that they constantly felt the presence of someone next to them in this hotel. The guards of this hotel have noticed signs of supernatural activities many times and have pointed out that candles with different symbols are lit. If all these claims are true, then there is no doubt that activities in this hotel are carried out by non-human people. As a result, you will not be willing to enter this hotel even with the offer of millions of Tomans.

Dalhousie Castle Hotel & Spa, Scotland

The scariest hotels, scary hotels, Dalhousie Castle Hotel

Dalhousie Castle Hotel

Guests and passengers of Dalhousie Castle Hotel say that they have seen a ghost in the stairs and main hall of this hotel. Even some claim that they feel a strange coldness in the rooms of this hotel. We also remind you that This hotel has a dungeon.


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