The pleasure of traveling to the island of Tahiti

The spectacular and beautiful island of Tahiti


Tahiti is the largest island of the French Polynesia archipelago. The attractions of Tahiti are so relaxing and eye-catching that they captivate you at the first sight. For many years, Tahiti has become a hangout for tourists and rich celebrities of the world. Stay with Bitote to learn more about this beautiful island and understand part of the beauty of the island of Tahiti by seeing its attractive pictures.


The island of Tahiti


French Polynesia is the name of an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean that has been under French rule for about 300 years. The largest island of Polynesia, “Tahiti" and is similar to the shape of an English eight.



Tahiti (in French: Tahiti) is the largest island in the French Polynesia island group, which is located in the Society Islands in the Pacific Ocean. To know more precisely where Tahiti is, I must say that it is located in the southernmost part of the Pacific Ocean.



Tahiti is a high and mountainous island covered by coral reefs. The area of ​​Tahiti is 1.6789 square kilometers. The capital of Tahiti and French Polynesia is the city of Papeete on the northwest coast of the island, where the only international airport in the region is located.



Lush forests next to kilometers of sandy beaches and French crepes next to French food and wonderful views make Tahiti an ideal tourist destination.


Tahiti, Tahiti island, travel to Tahiti

Tahiti tourist attractions


Tahitian anthropology


Tahiti is the political, economic and cultural center of French Polynesia and its population was 183,645 in the 2012 census, making it the most populous French Polynesian island with 68.6% of the total population of the region.


Currently, about 70% of Tahiti’s population is Polynesian, and the rest are European, Chinese, and multiracial. The official language of this country: French/native language and their religion: Christianity.


Tahiti tourist attractions


The attractions of Tahiti are so relaxing and eye-catching that they captivate you at the first sight. Beaches, cruises, hot springs, native and traditional ceremonies, and even landmarks all surprisingly make Tahiti a top destination for tourists.



With a trip to Tahiti, extraordinary views await you, from diving in the coral sea to peaceful natural resorts, sailing in water tunnels among the masses of green plants, jet skiing on turquoise waters and watching the colors Enjoy the variety of plants and sea corals.



With more bungalows than we think, this island is a tropical paradise and a bungalow paradise. In this incredibly beautiful island, there are many restaurants, villas and residences, and as a result, tourists who go there have many options in terms of accommodation.



Also, the night life by the beach has made these residences built on the water many times more popular. Fautaua waterfall is one of the attractions of Tahiti, which we suggest you make time to see the beauty of this waterfall and enjoy it.


It is interesting to know that the facilities available on this island are not very luxurious, but because of its nature, beaches and exceptional views, it has become a hangout for tourists and rich celebrities of the world for years.


Tahiti island, Tahiti, travel to Tahiti

Knowing about traveling to Tahiti


Information for traveling to Tahiti


In order to be able to travel to this island, after obtaining a passport, you can buy a plane ticket to Polynesia, where Papeete airport will host you, and from there you can transfer to different airports such as Bora Bora and Moorea.



You need a lot of time and money to travel to Tahiti, just check the weather forecast before your trip to easily choose the supplies you need.



The best time to travel to Tahiti is between May and October (May 11 to November 9).


Tahitian currency: Oceania Franc


Previous number: 689+


Time difference with Iran: eight and a half hours ahead


Electric voltage: 220 volts


Travel to Tahiti, Tahiti Island, Polynesian Islands

The island of Tahiti is the largest island of the Polynesian archipelago



Names of places and monuments of the island of Tahiti


Other natural attractions of the island of Tahiti include the following:


Pā’ōfa’i Gardens


Radisson spa spring (Ex Radisson Plaza Resort Tahiti)


Vai’ete Park (Place Vai’ete)


Cascades de Faarumai


Bougainville Park


Lagoonarium de Tahiti


Beach of Maui (Plage de Maui)


Pointe Venus Beach (Plage de la Pointe Venus)


Plage Publique de Papehue


Hitimahana Beach


Mont Aorai


Mont Orohena


Botanical Garden (Jardins d’eau de Vaipahi)


Harrison Smith Botanical Garden


Mont Marau



In addition to natural attractions, the country of Tahiti has many historical and scenic places and buildings, which we have briefly mentioned below:


Cultural Museum (Musée de Tahiti et des Îles)


Robert Wan Pearl Museum


Notre Dame Cathedral


Point Venus Lighthouse


Ārahurahu Marae Historical Site


Paul Gauguin Museum


Tahiti Souvenirs Le Curios Museum


Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands


James Norman Hall Museum


Galerie Winkler


ONO’U Tahiti Museum of Street Art


Monument aux Morts


Archbishop’s Palace


Leisure Place

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