The most unknown and amazing places in the world

All the wonders of the world do not attract people’s attention as expected, but in the meantime, you can come across works and signs, which at first glance, their artificiality in the mind and human understanding seem a little difficult. Buildings that, if there were no obvious and common human elegance and artistic performances in them, might seem natural and a part of the geological complex.



What we are going to read next is a collection of some strange and unknown man-made buildings and structures that have not been mentioned so far. Places that have spent many years in solitude due to being abandoned and deserted from the eyes of witnesses and tourists.



Sichuan, China


Almost the entire time of the 8th century AD was spent building the big Buddha statue “Lishan". A statue that is about 233 feet high and was created in the mountains of central China and 1400 miles west of Shanghai. Although this giant statue is far from the mind and sight of many travelers and tourists, it is still considered as one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world. The greatness of this statue is so great that each of its body parts can be compared with big buildings. for example; The ears of the statue, each of which is 23 feet long and is the size of a two-story building, or its smallest toe, which is a perfect place to sit and rest. Apart from all this, we should mention the 1,21 hair nets on the head of the statue, which created a hidden irrigation network to protect the statue.



The mountainous region of “Ami" alone has a high religious characteristic. The area from which Buddhism entered China for the first time. “Lishan" statue is one of the most prominent religious symbols of this region, which took 90 years to build.







Karelia, Russia


This area is known as an open-air museum of unique wooden churches. Kizhi Island, which is part of a chain of 1,650 islands located in the remote Lake Onega in northern Russia, is a flight or a one-day train ride from Moscow or St. Petersburg.



In this area, which is also called “Kighi Museum", there are 90 wooden buildings including monasteries, windmills and grain storage. One of the most important parts of it, which is located in a narrow strait at the southernmost point of the island, is a place surrounded by high walls, where an octagonal bell tower and two wooden churches belonging to the 18th century are located. Twenty-two onion-shaped domes made of fir wood cover the 121-foot ceiling of the Church of the Ascension of Christ.



One of the strange and surprising points about this architectural masterpiece is not using any kind of nails to connect different parts of the church to each other, and more important are the common local legends about this church, according to which this building was built with only one axe.
Unknown places




The most unknown and amazing places in the world




Lalibela, Ethiopia


“Lalibela" is one of the religious cities of Ethiopia with 11 medieval churches built entirely with red volcanic stones. First of all, it should be said that this city is a place of worship for its residents and therefore no advertisement has been made to attract tourists. Native stories indicate that after visiting Jerusalem in the 13th century, “Shah Labila" ordered the construction of such temples or churches in this area. According to his order, the entire church was built in an area outside of a red volcanic rock. At first, four kelislas were built in an underground place and connected by corridors. Another church in this area is called “Manji Jahan" which is built 35 feet below the ground level.




The most unknown and amazing places in the world



Kampong Thom, Cambodia


This complex, which is the oldest temples in Cambodia and consists of 52 different temples, is part of the remains of the ancient capital of one of the ancient kingdoms of Cambodia called “Chenla". This complex of temples, which covers a forest land of three square miles in Kampong Thom province, is almost 600 years older than Angkor temples. Despite this, this complex of temples has few visitors despite its great age. An ancient site that has only 5,000 visitors per year compared to the millions of Ankor tourists. However, this limitation of external conditions has kept it much healthier than Encore.




The most unknown and amazing places in the world


Malta and Gozo


These stone buildings, which are located in the small islands of the Mediterranean Sea between Tunisia and Sicily, although today they have no attraction for tourists and are rarely visited by this group of travelers, but around five thousand years before Christ, long before the beginning of The construction of the triple pyramids of Egypt has always hosted a large number of pilgrims and was worshiped as a religious place.



One of the most important temples in this region is called “Hagar Kim", which is also the largest and is located on the southern coast of Malta. This temple is built with limestone slabs that have a semi-circular shape. Each of these boulders is 20 feet high and weighs nearly 20 tons. This temple was discovered in the middle of the 20th century and today the National Archaeological Museum of Malta is located in it.




The most unknown and amazing places in the world



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