The most amazing cemeteries in the world

The most amazing cemeteries in the world
“Benjamin Franklin", one of the founders of the new society of the United States of America, wrote in a letter to one of his friends: “Nothing can be said with certainty in the world except death"; The fact that mourning ceremonies, burials and cemeteries come with it; A ceremony that is as old as human civilization and has different rites in different regions.

In many religions and cultures, cemeteries are a place for mourning, burial and remembrance, but among them there are also historical and unusual cemeteries that are seen as tourist attractions and are visited by a considerable number of tourists every year.
Cemetery tourism, or the dark part of the tourism industry, is a growing and global phenomenon that today has a special place among other entertainment and sightseeing attractions in the tourism industry. What you will read next is a collection of some unusual cemeteries in the world that are visited by many tourists.

The first pet cemetery in the world:
“Dog Cemetery" is a place for burying dogs and other domestic animals in the Asnieres-sur-Seine region of France, which is known as the first public cemetery for domestic animals in the world. This cemetery was opened in 1899, and the main reason for it was the law that prohibited the dumping of dead animals in the garbage or the Seine River. This cemetery, which has become one of the tourist attractions of Paris, is the burial place of many animals, one of which has been the star of many Hollywood movies.

Hell’s Highway:
This cemetery, which is located in the state of Kansas, USA, is known as one of the scariest cemeteries in the world. Some have even called this cemetery one of the 7 entrance gates to hell. This cemetery also plays an important role in legends and stories about ghosts, witches and supernatural forces. The reputation of “Hell’s Highway" went so far that “Pope John Paul II" during his trip to Colorado in 1995, prevented his plane from passing over this cemetery and called it “unholy ground".

Church of the Dead:
The “Church of the Dead" cemetery, which is located in the “Urbania" region of Italy, was built in 1833. The fame of this cemetery is due to the presence of mummies that have been mummified in a strange and natural way. Experts believe that this process is due to the injection of a special mortar that was absorbed into the body of the corpses and dried them completely.

Mafia Graveyard:
In the 90s, Yekaterinburg was the capital of crime in this country. This city was the residence of many Russian mafias and its cemetery was considered the last home for many of these villains. Very expensive tombs, black marbles, precious stones and laser images of the faces of the deceased on large granite stones are common things in this cemetery. One of the interesting things about these graves is that the skill and profession of each gangster is engraved next to his name.

The world’s first underwater tomb:
The sea rock of Atlantis, which is known as Neptune’s memorial rock and is also considered the largest artificial rock in the world, is the world’s first underwater cemetery for cremated bodies. This mausoleum, which was opened in 2007 on the beaches of Miami, is the last resort of people who are very fond of the sea.

Happy Cemetery:
Cemeteries are called sad and mournful places, but the “Happy Cemetery" in northern Romania – which is also registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List – is one of the cemeteries that cheers up the spirits of its visitors. Tombstones with unusual designs and writings painted with red, yellow, green and blue colors are the entertainment factor for the visitors of this cemetery. The tombstones are made in the shape of a cross with the trunk of an oak tree, and the writings on them describe the life or death conditions of the deceased.
This unique cemetery is considered one of the important tourist attractions of Romania and its creator is a Romanian artist who carved such writings and figures on wooden crosses for the first time in 1935.

Bridge to Heaven:
“Bridge to Heaven" cemetery in Mexico’s “Excort" cultural and natural park is one of the unusual cemeteries of this country, whose structure is determined based on the Gregorian calendar. This cemetery is located on a hill that has 7 floors as a sign of the 7 days of the week, and 365 colorful tombs are also placed around it as a sign of the days of the year. The main entrance of this cemetery also has 52 steps that represent the weeks of the year.
The design and materials used in the graves are completely different, so that one of the tombs is like a famous church and another tomb is designed like a bed with its supports.

China’s mysterious and suspended coffins:
The hanging coffin is a traditional method of burial that is found only in Asia. Hanging coffins of the PhilippinesChina and Indonesia are among the tourist attractions of these regions.
In some cases, these coffins are mounted on wooden levers, and in some places, they are placed on the ridge of the rocks, and in other cemeteries, these coffins can be seen inside the caves. The hanging coffins of the Gangjian region of Sichuan province, the hanging coffins of the Dragon Tiger Mountain and the Wuyu Mountain region in China are considered to be the most famous hanging coffins in the world, some of which are more than 3,750 years old.

Cemeteries of Giza and Valley of the Kings:
The Giza plain in Egypt, which contains many monuments such as the great and mysterious pyramids, the Sphinx, and thousands of tombs, and attracts more tourists, archaeologists, historians, scientists, and mathematicians than other regions of Egypt, is called the strangest cemetery in the world.

The Great Pyramid, which is considered the oldest and largest pyramid, is one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, where the mummy of Pharaoh Khufu is located, and more than 2 million stones completed its construction in 20 years.
The Valley of the Kings contains more than 60 tombs and 120 rooms; The place was the most important burial place for the elders of the New Kingdom of Egypt and you can still see the beauty of the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs.



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