The coldest capitals in the world + (photo)

One of the famous and natural attractions of this city, which every winter sees people interested in winter sports such as skating and hockey, is the radio channel, which is also considered its first world heritage….


Cities for which 30 degrees below zero is normal!

The second half of the solar year is the coldest months of the year for many countries located in the northern hemisphere. For this reason, if you plan to travel abroad, you should know which capital cities have the coldest weather. But which cities really have the coldest weather in winter?


Just as the sun and heat are a God-given blessing for many cities to attract tourists, for many cities, snow and cold are tourist attractions, especially for Arab countries and Persian Gulf countries, many of whom have never seen snow. For those who live in cities near the equator and also for those who are interested in skiing and snow sports. There have always been tourists among the people of the two hemispheres. When it is winter in the northern hemisphere, the weather in the southern hemisphere is pleasant and warm, and on the contrary, this makes many people who want to play with snow in the middle of summer travel from the southern hemisphere to the countries of the northern hemisphere.


But which cities really have the coldest weather in winter? In this article, we introduce 10 cold capitals of the world:


1 – Astana, Kazakhstan




This city, which has taken its capital title from Almaty since 1997, although it has gained world fame due to its unique architecture, but its negative temperature of 52 degrees has given it an indescribable cold. Buildings such as Peace Palace, Akavarda Presidential Palace, or Noor Astana Mosque, which are usually on the path of every viewer, are among the famous buildings of this city. The 105-meter-high Bayterek building and its observation tower are the symbol of this city, and according to a story-legendary and history, it contains the tree of life, the legendary bird of happiness and the egg.



The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


2- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


The city of Ulaanbaatar, whose temperature reaches 49 degrees below zero in winter, is located on the bank of the Tule River and is surrounded by four sacred mountains with pine forests intertwined with northern slopes and southern meadow slopes. .


The summers of this city are hot, but the winters are very harsh, so that even the locals who are used to this climate are forced to wear special skins made of camel wool.


3- Menisk, Belarus

Despite its negative 40 degree winter temperature, the city of Menisk is known for having warm-blooded people. Clean streets, tree-filled parks and streets that are always empty thanks to the lack of tourists. However, it is full of attractions that are a must for all cultural visitors. Menisk Circus is one of the places that is worth seeing once, and it is especially a good place for children to have fun. Apart from all these features, the cheapness of the services and entertainment costs of this city compared to most European cities is a matter that to a great extent melts the ice of its sub-zero temperature for tourists.


The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


4 – Ottawa, Canada

The coldness of Ottawa and the temperature of minus 37 degrees in this city has led its citizens, like other parts of Canada, to a famous winter sport called ice hockey.


The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


One of the famous and natural attractions of this city, which every winter sees people interested in winter sports such as skating and hockey, is the radio channel, which is also considered its first world heritage. A canal that passed through the city and turned into the world’s largest natural ice rink.


The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


5 – Helsinki, Finland


The cold capital of Finland is surrounded by the nature of the sea and the vast archipelago and has given this city mixed faces of a stylish urban appearance with a beautiful and attractive nature. The lowering of the temperature of this city to minus 33 degrees in the middle of the winter months gives the opportunity for the lovers of winter sports to jump on its icy surface.


The central park of this city is a place where all lovers of winter sports can find the opportunity to learn and do these activities.


6- Bucharest, a novel


The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


Although Bucharest has a cold and beautiful winter, the tourist population should be seen mostly in the spring when the ice melts. The winter of this city has a temperature of minus 32 degrees. Nevertheless, this “Little Paris" of Europe, instead of winter attractions, shows tourists a mixture of neoclassical architecture, ancient Romeo towers, and communist era buildings, which always seduces in this style. they pay


One of the important points of this city, like its nickname, is the cheapness of services, which are much more affordable compared to the city of Paris.


7- Vilnius, Lithuania

The city of Vilnius, which also holds the title of the European cultural center in 2009, is considered one of the European cities that has the necessary features for tourists to spend their weekends.


Only a short distance from the city, snowmobile enthusiasts have the opportunity to ride on these snow machines and can ride on its forest paths and snowfields.


Its lake, which is completely frozen thanks to the ambient temperature of minus 30 degrees, is the best place for fishing and grilling fish after a long snowmobile ride.

Another tourism feature of this city is the possibility of accompanying tourists with the local residents of the surrounding villages and spending a night in the middle of snow, trees and cold.


8 – Tallinn, Estonia


The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


The city of Tallinn, which in this season of the year, like Vilnius, reaches minus 30 degrees, attracts tourists with its ancient medieval village and white lands covered with snow. The only dangerous part of this city is the presence of its reindeer population, which can cause serious disturbances for tourists.


9 – Nook, Greenland


The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


The negative 5.29 degree city of Nook, with its icy and beautiful face that covers its beginning, has become one of the most unique capitals in the world. Visitors to this city can fly over the city by helicopter to see its ice-covered land and observe the Norse ruins or the jumping of whales floating on its coastlines. The National Museum of this city, which is located in the old quarter of Nok, is the best center to better understand Greenland’s frozen past and its stunning nature today.


10 – Warsaw, Poland


The city’s eagerness to serve culture has placed almost half of Europe’s cultural attractions in it. Museums, galleries and historical areas, landscapes and cultural environments such as the Palace of Culture and Science, which is one of the tallest buildings remaining from the Stalin period architecture school in Poland, have given this city a special character. A feature that does not freeze even at 29 degrees below zero in this city.


The coldest capitals in the world! (+photo)


Warsaw’s tourist attractions include the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wawel Castle and Krakow Cathedral, the Belaug Canal, the upside-down house, the Pienni-nii Mountains, and the Donajek River.


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