The catacombs of Paris are one of the tourist wonders of the world

Paris underground cemetery



Getting to know the catacombs of Paris


Tunnels under the city of Paris have been expanded, which have become The crypt of the dead The old population has become Paris.


Under the city of Paris, there are several hundred kilometers of tunnels, all of which are filled with the bones of the dead. These tunnels, 300 kilometers long, have housed 600 million of the previous residents of Paris and have become one of the wonders of the world tourism, which is called Catacombs in Paris (in English: Catacombs of Paris) have become famous.



These tunnels were iron ore mines left over from the time of ancient Rome, and after the second half of the 18th century, these tunnels, which were located under the center of Paris, were repurposed and became a place for the transfer of dead Parisians.



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Catacombs of the city of Paris



History of the Catacombs of Paris


In the 18th century, when France was progressing and the population of Paris had increased and the number of deaths had also increased, the cemeteries of Paris were full and the burials were done so inappropriately that sometimes even the dead were buried between the walls. They placed or did not cover the graves, or the burial depth of the bodies was so low that the bodies fell out of the soil after a while.



Catacombs of Paris, crypt of the dead of Paris, empire of the dead of Paris

The catacombs of Paris are one of the tourist wonders of the world



This problem caused strong stench and illness in the residents around the cemetery.


With constant complaints from the residents around the cemeteries, finally in 1763, Louis XV issued an order to ban burials in the city, which was opposed by the church and nothing happened. This problem continued until 1780. This year, it rained heavily in Paris and caused the walls of the cemetery to collapse, and many bodies were thrown out of the soil, and the church and the authorities had to look for a solution.



Finally, in 1786, Paris authorities decided to use these underground mines as tombs or catacombs. It took two years to move the bones of the dead buried in the main cemetery of Paris to these tunnels. During the next 2 decades, the bones of the bodies buried in all the cemeteries around Paris were transferred to these catacombs and after the French Revolution and the many deaths of the conflict, the burial of the dead bodies continued in these catacombs.



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Catacombs of Paris



After the reconstruction of Paris in 1860, the transfer of all the bodies to these tunnels was completed, and seven years later, the catacombs of Paris were reopened to the public.


Since 1955, visiting most parts of the catacombs has been prohibited and tourists have access to limited parts of this catacomb.



Despite the legal prohibition established in the 1970s-80s, parts of these crypts were renovated and turned into creative places. including a secret amphitheater that had a large cinema screen and film projection equipment and a number of seats, and a cafe-like area and restaurant next to the amphitheater for entertaining visitors.


According to available estimates, every week around 300 people travel to these places illegally and through secret ways.



The Empire of the Dead in Paris, the City of the Tomb of the Dead in Paris, the Museum of the Tomb of the Dead in Paris

Decorations of the Paris catacombs



Decorations of the catacombs of Paris with skeletons


A priest always prayed for the peace of their souls when transferring the bodies of the dead to the crypts. The bodies that were transported to these tunnels were thrown in a corner in an uncoordinated manner.



After reaching the kingdom, Napoleon ordered these crypts to be organized and the skeletons to be arranged in an orderly manner. This arrangement led to the current decorations of the crypt of the dead and caused a frightening and unique attraction to be formed in the underground of Paris that attracts tourists.



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Paris catacombs



The location of the tomb of the dead and visiting hours


Children are not allowed to enter this museum.


The entrance to the Catacombs of Paris is located on the street of Colonel Henry Rolle-Tangoy.


You can reach the entrance of this crypt by bus number 68 and 38.


Visiting hours are from 10 am to 8:30 pm and ticket sales end at 7:30 pm.



Visiting the crypt of the dead is closed on Mondays and some holidays.


Despite the strangeness of this tourist place, we must say that 550,000 people visit this strange attraction in Paris every year.



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