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Hell Park Wang Sin Sook

A place called hell park There are places in Thailand where visitors can see the real hell, Hell Park is one of the most popular parks in Thailand. In this scary place, scenes from hell have been made that not everyone dares to visit Thailand’s hell park. In the following, you will get to know more about this strange and scary park.

Where is Hell Park?
About an hour and a half away from Bangkok hell garden Wang Sein Suk arrives. This park was built with the theme of Naraka, or hell, and certainly not everyone dares to enter it.

Hell Park, Thailand, Hell Garden

hell garden

Wang Sain Sok Hell Garden is the largest hell garden of its kind in Thailand, which is famous for its many scary sculptures. A well-known tourist destination that speaks metaphorically about the world after death.

Hell Park is built with specific references to events in Hell and warns visitors about the consequences of sins.

Hell Park, Thailand, Hell Garden

Hell Park Thailand

Among various religions, “hell" is a common concept, a place of torture and torment. Somewhere beyond the world of the living, a permanent prison for those who are not bound by conventional religious rules in their worldly life and have somehow fallen into the trap of sins. However, it is better to know that the concept of hell has a different meaning for Buddhists, in fact, for them, hell is equal to a place to wait.

Hell Park, Thailand, Hell Garden

Wang Sin Seok’s Garden of Hell

Wang Sein Sook’s Garden of Hell was built in 1986 and shows us a real image of hell as a warning to the living: see what hell looks like.

Hell Park, Thailand, Hell Garden

hell park

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