Swan Lake; The largest freshwater lake in the world

Recreation of Swan Lake, Armenia


Swan Lake, a lake of colors and shadows in Armenia


Swan Lake It is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world and one of the tourist attractions of Armenia.


Lake Sevan (in English: Lake Sevan) is one of the natural tourist attractions of Armenia near the city of Yerevan.


The weather of this lake in summer; It is moderate and you can spend happy hours by this lake.



In addition to the various activities planned around Swan Lake, you can visit the historical attractions around it, including the famous Lake Church, visiting this church takes a whole day. There are many accommodation centers around the lake where you can book a room in advance.


Where is Swan Lake?


Swan Lake is located 60 km northeast of Yerevan in Gagharkonik province.


This lake is the largest lake in the Caucasus and one of the largest mountain fresh water lakes on earth, which is located at an altitude of 1916 meters above sea level.


About 36 streams flow into Swan Lake and the only river that originates from this lake is the Herazdan River.


Photo of Swan Lake in Armenia, Swan Lake in Armenia, where is Swan Lake

Photos of Swan Lake


The reason for naming Lake Sevan


The origin of the name Swan Lake is derived from the word “Oratui Siona" which means “the crown of the lakes". Archaeological activities that are being carried out in the region have seen the name of this lake on the inscriptions of 2800 Azarbard region near the lake.


History of Swan Lake


The age of this lake goes back to 25-30 thousand years ago.


Of course, with a closer look, we will find that the first spark of the lake’s creation dates back to 2.5 million years ago and the Quaternary period. During that period, a lake 10 times bigger than the current lake was created in this place due to the displacement of the earth’s crust.


Best time to visit Swan Lake


Swan Lake has good conditions for traveling in most days of the year, but the best time to travel to this lake is in late spring to early fall.


Swan Lake is located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level and has a mountainous climate, so the temperature is cool even in the summer season. You should bring warm clothes with you.


Access route to Swan Lake


To go to Swan Lake, you need to go to Gagharkonik province of Armenia and then go to the lake by public transport.


Swan Lake in Armenia, photos of Swan Lake, Yerevan Swan Lake

Swan Lake Recreation


Swan Lake Recreation


The activities that are planned for tourists around Swan Lake include:


– Swimming in the lake


– Sunbathing around the lake


– jet ski


– boat riding


– Kite surfing


– paraglider


– Fishing


– Skiing and snowboarding


– Kite catamaran


– Wakeboarding


– Wide surfing or windsurfing



Tourist attractions around Swan Lake


Swan National Park


Swan Lake is surrounded by a wide range of national park and this lake is located in the middle of this park. Swan National Park is one of the 4 protected national parks of Armenia. The construction of this park dates back to 1978, and the purpose of its construction was to protect this attractive blue gem away from the excessive hands of humans.



Sevanavank Monastery


Another attraction around Sevan Lake is the Sevanavank Monastery, many tourists in this area make an arrow with two signs to visit this monastery and the lake at the same time.


The building of this monastery dates back to the 9th century.


The building of this monastery is a set of 2 churches that have 8-height domes and are very similar to each other.



Recreation of Swan Lake, Armenia, Swan Lake, Recreation of Swan Lake, Armenia

Tourist attractions of Swan Lake


Hayravank Monastery


The famous Hayravank Monastery is located in the northeastern part of the lake and close to a small village with the same name.


The construction time of this monastery is related to Fern 9-12 AD, which is a collection of several buildings, including the church, prayer hall and assembly hall.


Noratus Cemetery


In the western part of the lake and 40 kilometers from the city of Swan, there is a village that is famous for the historical Noratus Cemetery. In this cemetery, there are 900 unique khachkars, some of which date back to the 10th century.


Visiting Noratos means visiting the world’s largest khachkars.


Nerkin Getashen village


The village of Nerkin Getashen is located in the south of the lake, which is famous for its historical church. The Varutan river passes through this village. In addition, two other large cemeteries with exceptional tombstones, Chalipa Sang and Khachkar, are located in this village.


Odzaberd Castle


Another historical attraction around the lake is Odzaberd Castle. This castle was previously known as “Tisba".


This castle is located in the southern part of Swan Lake in the eastern part of Tsuvinar city.


This castle was the residence of Urartu kingdom 2800 years ago. One of the reasons for the importance of this castle is that it remained intact throughout history.


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