Seven Wonders of Ukraine; representing seven cultural and historical wonders

One of the seven wonders of Ukraine is the ancient city of Khersonsos



Getting to know the seven wonders of Ukraine


The Seven Wonders of Ukraine includes seven historical and cultural collections that were chosen in 2007 during an internet contest. Among the amazing attractions of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine, we can mention Pers Lavra Monastery, Khortytsia Island, Sofivsky Park, and the traditional Church of Sophia.


Getting to know Ukraine


Ukraine is one of the republics in Eastern Europe, which shares land and sea borders with the countries of Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov.


The country of Ukraine consists of 24 provinces, the largest city of which is Kyiv, which is chosen as the capital of Ukraine.



The country of Ukraine is always the focus of tourists’ attention due to its historical attractions with extremely beautiful architecture and extensive cultural richness in music. One of the tourist attractions of Ukraine is called the Seven Wonders, which we describe in the rest of the article.



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The seven wonders of Ukraine include seven cultural and historical monuments



The seven wonders of Ukraine


The seven wonders of Ukraine include seven cultural and historical monuments. These buildings were selected by 77,000 participants during a competition in 2007 based on criteria such as historical, cultural and architectural attractiveness.


It should be noted that all the selected places in the Seven Wonders competition are under public protection and are available for tourists.



The ancient city of Khersonsos


Khersonsous is one of the ancient cities in the Crimean Peninsula, dating back more than 2500 years. The ancient city of Khersonsos is embedded in a port city in the southwestern part of the Crimean peninsula called Sevastopol.



The term Khersonsus in Greek is used in the meaning of respectable and honorable. In addition to Khersonsus, this ancient city has become famous with many titles such as Troy of Russia and Pompeii of Ukraine.


The architecture of the city of Khersonsos is a combination of Byzantine, Roman and Greek art, which was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013.



The complex of the city of Khersonsos includes three parts: the Greek temple, the defensive wall and the Roman amphitheater. The unique architecture of this historical and ancient city has made it known as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine.


It should be noted that in the 19th century, a museum for the preservation and restoration of precious works was built in the city of Khersonsos.



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The oldest architecture among the Seven Wonders of Ukraine is the Pers Lavra Monastery of Kyiv



Kyiv Press Lavra Monastery


The oldest and most important monastery in Ukraine is located in Kiev Press Lavra. This monastery is located in the city of Kyiv, which has been registered in the list of UNESCO’s historical heritage due to its great history.



Press Lavra Kyiv is a historical monastery for Orthodox Christians.


A unique architecture has been used in the design and construction of Press Monastery. In fact, the main attraction of Lavra Monastery is the great bell tower of Lavra and the Dormition Cathedral.



The large bell tower with a height of 96.5 meters has a gilded dome and an independent bell that is designed in a classical style. The architect of this building was a person named Johann Gottfried Schödel.


From the series of attractions of the Pers Lavra Monastery, we can mention the Church of the Trinity, Savior, Exaltation of the Cross, Birth of the Virgin, Conception of the Saint, St. Niklas, Kyiv Academy and Seminary.



The original building of Press Church included underground caves, which were built on the surface of the ground by famous architects of different and unique temples a few years later. In addition to being a place of worship for Christians, these temples are considered a center for historians, artists, writers and scientists.



In addition, a museum is built in the Press Lavra complex, which protects expensive objects such as portraits of clergy and hierarchical images of the church.


In 1240, the Mongol Tatar people looted the expensive goods of Pers Monastery. Also, in the 11th century, in line with World War II, and the occupation of Ukraine by Nazi forces, the main building of Pers Church was destroyed. After this event, in the 18th century, the Ukrainian government rebuilt and restored the church.



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Khortytsia Island is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine



Khortytsia Island


Khortytsia Island has a pristine and beautiful nature with fir and oak forests in the Danpir River. This island is considered as a natural museum in Denpir region, which houses many domestic and wild animals.


Horse riding shows can be mentioned among the sports activities that can be performed on Khortytsia Island.



In the center of Khortytsia Island there is a strong fortress that protected the island from invaders in the 19th century.


It should be noted that the historical part of Khortytsia Island is embedded in the industrial city of “Zaprogya" with the name of Khortytsia.



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Sofievsky Park is known as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine



Sofifsky Park


In 1976, one of the Polish military commanders named Stanislaw Pototski designed a park in one of the cities of Cherkasy province called Uman.


The Polish military commander designed the name of the park after his wife named “Sofia".


Stanislav Pototsky gave Sofevsky Park to Sophia on her birthday.



Sophia was a beautiful lady with good taste, who was of Greek descent, and was engaged in designing parts of the city using Greek and Roman mythological designs. Based on some surviving documents, it can be said that Sofia personally designed parts of the park.



Sofifsky Park is one of the most famous parks created in the world, which has many trees and bushes equivalent to 2 thousand species. This park is considered one of the most visited entertainment centers in Ukraine and attracts about 500,000 tourists annually with its artistic beauty.


On August 21, 2007, according to the vote of the Internet community and Ukrainian experts, Sofievsky Park was chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.



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Sofievsky Park attracts 50,000 tourists annually




The city of Kamianets-Podilskyi


In the western part of Ukraine, in the Khmelnytskyi province, there is an old and ancient city called Kamianets-Podilskyi. This city has gained world fame due to its numerous historical castles and mansions with magnificent architecture and has been selected as one of the seven wonders of Ukraine.



The inhabitants of the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi have Armenian and Polish nationality. After transforming the city of Kamianets into one of the historical attractions of Ukraine in 1990, many local sports such as car races, balloon rides and music festivals were held in the city of Kamianets.



It should be noted that the rich and cultural history of Kamianets city is always attracting the attention of tourists. Every year about 140,000 tourists travel to Ukraine to visit the city of Kamianets-Podilksii.



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Khotin Castle is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine due to its military aspect



Khotin Castle


In 1325, a strong castle was designed for defense and military purposes near the Nister River. Khotin Castle has been used as a defense against warriors for many years.



According to some traditions and legends, during one of the wars, the Ottoman government imprisoned innocent soldiers in the Khotin fortress, and the tears of these soldiers created spots on the outer wall of the fortress.


Khotin Castle, due to its historical atmosphere, is always the focus of film makers.



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The best time to visit the seven wonders of Ukraine is autumn and spring



Saint Sophia Cathedral


St. Sophia Cathedral was built in the Middle Ages, equivalent to 1037, by the powerful leader of Ukraine, King Yaroslav and Princess Yaroslav.


This church is located in Sofiskaya Square in Kyiv city, which has 13 golden domes on white towers.



Saint Sophia Cathedral is a Christian temple and has a bell tower and the Metropolitan Assembly. At the entrance of the gates of Hagia Sophia, there is a statue that was gifted to the Russian Empire by the Kyiv government in honor of Bogdan Melnitsky in the 17th century.



St. Sophia Cathedral is the first historical and touristic place in Ukraine, whose name is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


The old traditions of Ukraine indicate that in the past, St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, Ukraine was chosen as the Bride, and in front of it, St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, Russia is named Jangjo.



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Sofa Cathedral is a Christian temple



The right time to visit the wonders of the seven islands in Ukraine


The prevailing climate of Ukraine is a temperate continental climate, which has a Mediterranean climate due to its location next to the Black and Azov seas on the southern coast.


In fact, the weather of Ukraine is affected by the humid air of the Black Sea and the cold air of Russia.



Therefore, the winters of Ukraine are extremely cold, and the air temperature increases dramatically in the summers. In the meantime, spring and autumn are the best time to visit the historical and scenic attractions of Ukraine compared to other seasons.


Of course, in the spring season, due to the melting of mountain snows, the weather in the region gets a little cold during the night.



Therefore, in general, it can be said that Ukraine has a good weather for traveling in the months of May to September (late spring, summer and early autumn). During these months, the country’s weather is cooler during the day and cools down at night.



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