Screaming forest from the scary places in England (+ pictures)

Screaming forest


The name of the village “Pulokli" which is nearby Screaming forest It is located in the Guinness Book of Records as the place where the most ghost sightings have been reported.


Screaming ForestDering Screaming Woods)
This world is full of beauty, splendor and natural splendor. If you live in a densely populated area, maybe you have thought about traveling to the forest and there will be nothing annoying on your way. In the following article, we introduce one of the mysterious and scary forests that few people dare to travel to.



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Screaming Forest in England
Dering Forest or Screaming Forest is located south of Pluckley, which is known as the most notorious haunted village in Britain and is considered one of the most terrifying natural wonders in the world. Screaming forest is a name that was given to it after hearing scary sounds and human screams coming from the forest at night.


The name of the village of “Pulokli" in England is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the place where the most number of ghost sightings have been reported.



Screaming forest, Daring forest, Screaming forest photos

Screaming forest photos



Local people claim that these sounds belong to people who got lost in this forest and did not find their way out and died there. In addition to these terrible sounds, it is claimed that the ghost of a soldier and an army colonel who committed suicide in this forest are constantly wandering in this forest, although the number of people who have gone to this forest is small because they say Let this forest imprison man and there is no way out of it. Some travelers who have traveled to this area have heard sounds like loud screams in these forests at night.

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