Satan city is one of the seven wonders of Serbia

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Where is Satan City? Wonders of the Devil’s City


devil city One of the seven wonders of the country is Serbia, which even its name inspires fear. If you have seen the pictures of this area, you will definitely notice that it is unnatural. Devil City is very strange for two reasons. First, for the cylindrical and spindle-shaped mountains, and second, the rivers full of salts in this region.


Satan city and its geographical location


devil city It is a region of Serbia where there are strange stone pillars nearby. In fact, as you can see in the picture above, these stone columns violate geological laws for some reason. On the other hand, the residents of this area tell stories about this extraterrestrial area, some of which we will discuss below.



According to scientists and geologists, these stone columns are due to erosion caused by wind and water.


But what you need to know is that in this area, there are 200 stone pillars whose height starts from 2 meters and continues up to 15 meters. The width of these stone columns is from 50 cm to 3 meters.



The strangest thing that has caused stories to be told about these stones are the caps on the heads of these columns.



Satan City, Serbia, photos of Satan City, Satan City Mountain

Devil City is amazing because of its stone pillars and rivers full of salts



These caps weigh several hundreds of kilos, and this has made geologists always look for reasons as to how a stone column with a width of 50 cm can hold hundreds of kilos!!


This is why the people of this region call it the Devil’s City and have different traditions. Some of these narrations have been expressed in this way:



1. Very kind and good-mannered people lived in this city, away from any sin and pollution. That’s why Satan wanted to mislead them in any way. For this reason, the devil conquered those people and built an evil church for himself there. However, people were leaving their lawful lives and turning to Satan. At this time, the angels, who couldn’t do anything, asked God to destroy them. And it happened that God sent a strong wind and storm there and all of them turned into stones.



2. In another narration, they believe that these stone pillars are the devils. In fact, people say that when this city was harassed by Satan, God turned it into stone. The story goes that when people were persecuted, they all gathered in a church called St. Petka Church and prayed until morning and asked God to destroy the demons. When they woke up in the morning, they all turned to stone.



3. Another legend of the city of Satan, which has become popular among people, is defined in this way: in a wedding party where the devil had organized a celebration between siblings, the guests were turned into stones to serve as a lesson to others that none of them They will not go unanswered for their sins and there will definitely be a punishment for them.




The strange springs of Satan City



Church of St. Petka in Shaitan City, visit to Shaitan City, Shaitan City, Serbia

The acidity level of one of the springs in the city of Satan is higher than that of a sour lemon



Another wonder of Shaytan city is the presence of two rivers whose concentration of minerals is extremely high. According to scientists, the water of these springs cannot be consumed at all, but the people of this city believe that this water cures many diseases due to its many minerals.



These two springs, each of which have scary names (Hell and Shaytan Shaytan), have made people tell more stories about Shaytan City and create legends for these rivers. However, the strangeness of these rivers cannot be overstated.


One of these rivers has turned red because its salts are more than usual. From a scientific point of view, oxidation of iron due to reaction with water and humidity has caused reddening of water in the spring.



On the other hand, the acidity of these waters is very high. One of these rivers has a pH of 1.5, which is very high. In order to have a better idea of ​​this number, it is better to know that the pH of lemon is 2. The more the number is towards one, the more acidic it is.


In addition to its foundations, the mineral content of Shaitan Shahr springs is 15 grams per liter. What you need to know about this amount is that the concentration of the waters of Satan’s city (15 grams per liter) is ten thousand times that of drinking water!



St. Petka Church in Devil City



The seven wonders of Serbia, where is Satan City, the strange springs of Satan City

According to a story, the people of Satan City used to go to this church to destroy demons and pray



As we explained to you about one of the legends of this city, there used to be a church in this area where people went to pray, in fact, this church is the same as Saint Petka, which belongs to the 13th century.



Many people of Satan city area believe that this church is very effective in healing diseases. For this reason, they hang their scarves on it for a week, then they bury it so that the diseases are buried along with the scarf.



Visit the Devil’s City


The city of Satan is located in the south of Serbia. On Mount Radan, at a short distance from the city of Kursumelia, the stone pillars of the city of Satan can be seen.



Church of St. Petka in Shaitan City, visit Shaitan City, Satan City, Serbia

Today, the city of Satan has become one of the tourist areas of Serbia



The best time to travel to this area is summer and spring. In these seasons of the year, many tourists visit the devil city. Viewing these natural and at the same time strange monuments is free and you can see them within 3 hours.



Summarizing and summarizing the contents


Shahrshaitan is one of the tourist areas of Serbia and you can also visit this area. This area is one of the seven wonders of Serbia. In fact, the existence of stone pillars with a height of 15 meters and with caps has led people to tell stories and legends about these works.



Satan’s city does not end only with stone pillars and the presence of springs with water rich in salts and minerals and their high acidity has made this area very amazing.



Satan City, Serbia, photos of Satan City, Satan City Mountain

An image of the Devil’s City area



In this article, we introduced the city of Satan, we hope this article was useful for you.