Prikstolen rock is one of the most spectacular natures in Norway

Norway’s Prixtolen Rock


Prikstolen is one of the most spectacular natures in Norway, which is one of the most spectacular tourist attractions, and in this article we intend to provide you with interesting facts about this beautiful rock.


Where is Prixtolen rock?
Prixtolen (Preikestolen) is a famous tourist attraction in Forsand, Reykjavík, Norway. Perikstolen rock, which is considered the most photogenic area of ​​the country, invites tourists to the most terrifying and amazing travel experience.



Prixtolen, Prixtolen rock, Prixtolen, Norway

Prixtolen rock


Features of Prixtolen rock:
This rock is actually a very steep and high rock with a height of 604 meters and a smooth surface of approximately 25 x 25 meters, and the opposite point is the Kjerag plateau.

At the beginning of the journey, Prixtolen is a walk, so the further you go, the steeper the path, and if you are not very adventurous, you may be bothered in some places. In total, the entire route has a distance of 3.8 kilometers.

Apart from the excitement of climbing these rocks, being on top of them presents a view in front of your eyes that is beyond imagination and beyond the mind.


When from above to Prixtolen rock Look, the gap that separates the rock from the mountain looks amazingly polished, more like a slice of cake cut with a knife.



Prixtolen, Prixtolen rock, Prixtolen, Norway

Pictures of Prixtolen rock


How to form the Prixtolen rock:
Prixtolen was created about 10,000 years ago, during the ice age and when the natural glaciers reached the edge of the abyss. During this period, the water of the glacier froze in the cracks and crevices of the mountain and finally broke into large and angular rock masses, which were later moved by the glacial flow. This process explains the reason for the angular shape of the glacial plateau.


The best time to visit Prikstolen Rock:
April to September. Because in the winter season, due to rain and snow, it becomes really slippery and sometimes completely freezes, and on the other hand, because the path is steep, climbing it depends on the degree of difficulty.

Before you go to this rock, it is better to check the weather and of course it is better to prepare yourself for sudden changes in the weather.

Equipment needed to go to Prixtolen rock:
– Water and food
– Equipment needed for walking
– Camera
– Warm clothes (even in summer)



Prixtolen, Prixtolen rock, Prixtolen, Norway

Photo of Prixtolen rock


How to get to Prixtolen rock?
Tourists who plan to travel to Prikstolen can travel by land or by using small boats on the river and reach the bottom of the cliff.


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