National Park Linsweiss Marines, the strangest national park in the world

National Park of Lensuis Marais in Brazil


Getting to know the National Park of Linsweiss Marines


All over the world there are exceptional places that people are surprised to see. The reason is that this place is different from our everyday and repetitive world. National Park Linsweiss Marines It is one of those places as if we see a piece of another world on earth!


Introducing the National Park of Linsweiss Marines


This park is one of the most popular tourism environments in Brazil, which can surprise every tourist. Linsues Marais National Park is located in the northeast of Brazil.


This park is located in the state of Marano, Brazil, and every year many tourists travel to this beautiful area for fun or sightseeing. For these reasons, this park was named as a national park in 1981.


This park is so beautiful and special that it is included among the 15 extraordinary places on the planet.


Introducing the National Park of Linsuis Marais, Brazil, the strangest national park in the world, photos of the National Park of Linsuis Marains

The National Park of Linsweiss Marines is like a piece of another planet



In general, it can be said that this place is one of the most special known places on the planet. The reason for the specialness and beauty of this park is the contrast between the sand and the desert with the sea. But when it becomes more strange and special that this combination is repeated in a regular way along 1550 km in this park!


When you first look at the photos, you must think that this park is actually located in a desert, but it is not. It rains about 1100 mm annually in this park and this amount is very high. The reason for this heavy rain is the location of this park next to the Amazon River basin.



All the water collected in the water pits of this national park is due to the heavy rain that falls in this place throughout the year, and in fact, the source of these waters is not the sea.


For this reason, in the hot seasons and with less rainfall, the water in these pits evaporates and the pits become shallow.



The water in the areas of this park can be seen in a turquoise color and the reason for that is the cleanness of the rainwater that falls. The combination of turquoise color with the cream color of the sands creates a very beautiful combination and becomes a surprise for every person.


How the National Park of Linsweiss Marines was created


The strangest national park in the world, Linsweiss Marains, Linsweiss Marains National Park

The National Park of Linsweiss Marains has been formed over thousands of years



Two rivers pass through this area. These two rivers have been washing the sands of this area for years and taking them with them to the Atlantic Ocean. Normally, this process occurs all over the world and these sands form sea beaches.


But in the months of low water when the water level is very low, the strong winds that blow from the north to the south have moved a large amount of these sands about 50 kilometers every year, and as a result, these sands in In the Linzweiss region, the Marines used to stop and build sand dunes 30 meters or more high.



Considering that each of the above steps took thousands of years, it took tens of thousands of years to reach today’s shape in this park.


What kind of activities can be done in the National Park Linsweise Marines?


Time to travel to the National Park of Linsweiss Marains, the strangest national park in the world, Linswiss Marainss

Many and varied entertainments have been created in this area for tourists


Exploring the beautiful nature of this area is the best entertainment you can have. Of course, other entertainments are also planned for the tourists of this region.


• Offroad


Off-road tours with special cars or four-wheeled motors are one of the activities that you can do in the National Park of Linsweiss Marines.


These tours have different types and their prices are also different. In these tours, people are usually taken to the most beautiful parts of this national park and may last half a day or a full day.


• Swimming and swimming


Also, swimming in the ponds of this par can be enjoyable for many people, but there is a point that the waters of these ponds are a little cold and have an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.


But in the hot seasons of the year, due to the direct sunlight, the temperature rises a little and you can easily swim and take a dip in the ponds.


As we mentioned earlier, the water in these ponds is the result of rain and for this reason the water is very clean and clear and almost sweet.


Photographing and recording landscapes


Time to travel to the National Park of Linsweiss Marains, the strangest national park in the world, Linswiss Marainss

In this area you can take very beautiful photos of nature


The photos you can take in this area can be very memorable! In this part, nature has become one of its most beautiful forms, and because of this, your photos will also be very beautiful.


There are places in this park where you can have a picnic and make a memorable day for yourself and your family.


• Boating and tubing


Tubing and boating in the waters of the National Park Linsweise Marines is also one of the activities that you can do in this park.


In this national park, there is a river called Rio Pergises, where it is possible to ride a boat. You can start from the beginning of this river, the city of Berrins, and pass through all areas, including this national park, and finally reach the Atlantic Ocean!


Of course, due to the fact that this river has dangerous side roads, you definitely need a guide to travel in it.



• Surf the sky


Also, there are helicopters and airplanes in this area, with which you can fly for about 30 minutes in the sky of the National Park of Linsweiss Marines and enjoy the nature of this park.


These are part of the activities that have been planned for tourists in this park so far, and with the increase of tourists in this area, the activities in this area will also increase.


• Umbrella game


Due to the fact that in some months of the year, gentle winds blow in this area, you can also play with parachutes in this area.


This sport is very exciting and can create a very beautiful and lasting memory for you. Although this park is very beautiful from the ground, it is more exciting to see it from the sky.


The best time to travel to the National Park of Lenses Marines



Features of Linsweez Marains National Park, time to travel to Linsweez Marains National Park, the strangest national park in the world

The first half of the year is the best time to travel to this area


The best time to travel to this park is in the first half of the year, especially late spring. At this time, due to the rains, the ponds are full of water and the air temperature is also very suitable.


But it is better not to travel to this place in the second half of the year because the ponds are almost empty and the winds and rains start.


Due to the strong winds in the second half of the year and shifting sands, the risks of getting lost in this desert increase.



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