List of tourist attractions in Sydney

Sydney is the symbol of Australia

Sydney (in English: Sydney) is the largest city in Australia and the Pacific continent, as well as the capital of the state of New South Wales. This city is located on the eastern coast of Australia and on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Sydney is the symbol of Australia. Sydney is a city with countless attractions. This city is the first place most tourists visit when they arrive in Australia.

Sydney city in Australia

Sydney is the largest and oldest city in Australia and the capital of the state of New South Wales. Half of Iranian immigrants to Australia, i.e. 9323 people, live in Sydney. Sydney is a port city that receives a large number of tourists every year.

This city is also not devoid of Mediterranean charms and for these reasons it is full of Chinese and Asians. There are many natural parks in this city, which is a good place for recreation and entertainment.

This city is divided by a beautiful port into two parts, north and south, which are connected by a bridge and tunnel. The southern part of this city has more tourist attractions.

Sydney’s air temperature is balanced and in the hottest months of the year, from December to February, the temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. The proximity to the ocean and sunbathing in this city have given it a special charm. June to August are the coldest months of the year in this city, when the temperature of the city usually reaches 7 in this month, and it is a suitable place for skiers and also tourists who enjoy the special atmosphere of this city in this season.

Australia has about 280,000 Muslims, most of whom live in Sydney and Melbourne.

Sydney tourist places:

1. Pylon observation tower

Tourist attractions in Sydney, Pylon observation tower, Sydney entertainment places

Sydney Tower is the second tallest tower in Australia

Sydney Tower, also known as AMP, is one of the tallest towers and the second tallest tower in Australia. This tower is also the second tallest tower in the southern hemisphere. The first and tallest tower in the southern hemisphere is Aseman Tower located in New Zealand.

Sydney Tower is one of the members of the Federation of World Towers. The height of the Sydney Tower is 305 meters and it is located in the business district of Sydney, located on Market Street No. 100 between Pitt Street and Costeragh Street. You can also access the entrance of this tower through Pitt Street shopping center.

Visiting this tower is free for the public and it is considered one of the most attractive places for tourists in the world.

This tower was built in 1970 and the construction of the tower started in 1975. Operation and public visit of the fourth tower of the world started in September 1981. This tower cost 36 million Australian dollars.

There are three different parts in this tower that can be used by the public. One of the parts is located at a height of 250 meters above the ground, where guests can see the surface of the city of Sydney with a 360-degree viewing angle. On this floor of the store, you can see souvenirs and wind gauges. At the height of 268 meters of the tower, you can access an open space through which the bottom of the tower can be seen.

A revolving restaurant with a buffet is located at the top of the tower. Visitors to the tower can reach the top of the tower in about 40 seconds through three elevators. This tower has seen several colorful fireworks every year, especially during the Australian National and New Year celebrations.

Every year, the two-door competition is shown in this tower, and the participants in this competition must climb 1504 steps and reach the top of the tower in the shortest time. The collected fee will be transferred to the cancer patients’ support association.

2. Sydney Opera House attraction

Tourist attractions in Sydney, Sydney Opera House, Sydney entertainment places

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-arts center in New South Wales, Australia

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-arts center in New South Wales, Australia. This eye-catching building was designed by Danish architect Jorn Oberg Utzon in 1973 and was opened in 1973.

This magnificent hall includes 5 theaters, 5 rehearsal halls, two main halls, 4 restaurants and many shops. Its snail-shaped shell consists of one million and 56 thousand pieces of Swedish granite. This place has a performing arts center whose concert hall has a capacity of more than 2,500 people.

3. The attraction of Taronga Zoo

Tourist attractions in Sydney, Trango Zoo, Sydney entertainment places

Trango Zoo in Sydney

This zoo is divided into eight areas related to animal geography, in 21 hectares.

More than 350 different species of animals live in this zoo. Water pigs, snow leopards, koalas, kangaroos and wallabies, elephants, gorillas, giraffes, platypuses and echidnas are just a few examples of animals that are present in this huge zoo. You can also take a cable car tour in this zoo and watch a bird’s eye view of this place.

4. The attraction of the royal botanical gardens

Tourist attractions in Sydney, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney entertainment places

Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney

These gardens, which cover an area of ​​more than 30 hectares, were built in the heart of the city in 1816 and are considered the oldest scientific institution in Australia. Sydney Tropical Center and Rose Garden are among the attractions of this garden.

5. Ski resort (Vienna Ice Dream)

Tourist attractions in Sydney, ski resort, entertainment places in Sydney

Sydney ski resort

This ski resort is located in front of the city hall of Vienna, Australia, and around this resort, Australian food and drinks are available.

6. Darling Harbor attraction

Tourist attractions in Sydney, Darling Harbour, Sydney entertainment places

Darling Harbor is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia

An old wharf that has become a popular place for tourists. This area is full of restaurants and shops and attractions such as the Powerhouse Museum, the National Maritime Museum of Australia, the Sydney Aquarium, the IMAX Theater and the Chinese Garden of Friendship.

7. Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Tourist attractions in Sydney, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney entertainment places

The most important show part of the Sydney Aquarium is its glass tunnel

An entertainment place that was opened in 1988. This aquarium leads to Sydney’s famous Darling Harbor from the east and Pyrmont Bridge from the north. This spectacular place includes 650 different species of animals, including more than 6000 types of fish and other marine creatures.

The most important show part of the aquarium is its glass tunnel, which is specially built under the water and sharks and beautiful fishes pass over the heads of the visitors and create an amazing sight.

8. The Rocks neighborhood

Tourist attractions in Sydney, The Rocks neighborhood, Sydney entertainment places

The Rocks neighborhood of Sydney

It is an urban area, tourist precincts, and the historic downtown area of ​​Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia.

9. Ferry boats

Tourist attractions in Sydney, ferries, entertainment places in Sydney

Ferries in Sydney

Another of Sydney’s public transportation lines are passenger boats called “Ferries" that move across the Sydney Harbor and the Parramatta River and move countless numbers of city people and tourists. Since 1875, these boats have moved more than 14 million people a year in the harbor of Sydney.

10. Sydney Airport

Tourist attractions in Sydney, Sydney airport, Sydney entertainment places

Sydney Airport is the busiest airport in Australia

Sydney International Airport in Australia is known as “Kingsford Smith Airport" and is known internationally by the codes SYD (IATA) and YSSY (ICAO).

The said airport, which is located in the suburbs of Sydney, is one of the few old airports in the world that has provided services to passengers and airlines since its opening. This airport is the busiest airport in Australia, which was named the 28th busiest airport in the world in 2003, but this success was not repeated in the following years, and in recent years, Sydney International Airport could never be among the top 30 airports in the world.

Sydney airport is the busiest airport in Australia, its area is smaller than all major airports in Australia. This airport has three runways, two of which are “east-west" and the other is “north-south". It is possible to connect with the airport by road and urban train system.


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