Lara Beach is the cleanest sandy beach in the Mediterranean

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Lara beach photo and address and everything you need to know before going

Lara BeachIt is the longest and cleanest sandy beach of the Mediterranean Sea. This beach is located 12 kilometers from the eastern part of Antalya. The area of ​​Lara Beach is estimated at 1800000 square meters. This beach has a blue flag due to its clear and unpolluted water.

Lara Beach in Antalya

Lara area map of Antalya, where is Lara beach, Lara beach recreation facilities

The water slide is one of the fun activities at Lara Beach

The title of the largest coastal city in Turkey belongs to Antalya. The closest entertainment area to Antalya, Lara Beach Is. Lara beach is a sandy and crystalline beach, with clear waters and gentle Mediterranean waves.

The history of Antalya dates back to the Ottoman era in the Middle Ages. coastal city Antalya Due to the attraction of 12 to 14 million tourists annually, it is considered the tourism hub of Turkey.

Lara beach is one of the cleanest and longest sandy beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. This beach is located in the eastern part of Antalya and adjacent to Ornekköy beach.

It is interesting to know that Lara beach has a blue flag. The blue flag indicates the proper standard of the beach from the point of view of cleanliness.

In the Luo language, which is considered a branch of Anatolian languages, lara is used to mean sand. The area of ​​Lara beach is estimated to be 1800000 meters. The length of this beach is estimated to be 8 square kilometers.

Lara Beach in Antalya is equipped with extensive clubs that offer special sunbeds for the convenience of tourists.

It should be noted that Lara Beach is known as the Las Vegas of Turkey.

Access route to Lara Beach, Lara Sand Beach, Lara Beach, Turkey

Lara Beach, Antalya

Recreational facilities of Lara Beach

Water sports

One of the water and sports activities of Lara Beach is swimming. Tourists can enjoy water activities such as surfing, boating, jet skiing and banana boating in the Lara beach area.

Another fun and safe feature of Lara Beach is the water slide.

You can use beach bars by traveling to Turkey on Lara beach. Beach bars are equipped with facilities such as changing rooms, wardrobes, bathrooms and toilets.

Many restaurants and cafes

One of the facilities of Lara beach is cafes and beach restaurants. Lara beach restaurants serve delicious Turkish and sea food along with colorful drinks.

The most prominent restaurants and bars in Lara Beach include Gomzleme, Yoruk, Silence Pool Bar and Elite Bar.

Lara Beach, Turkey, photos of Lara Beach, Lara Beach

Lara beach water and sports activities

Luxury hotels

Lara beach is considered the center of the most luxurious hotels in Turkey. There are more than 20 five-star hotels in Lara region. Lara hotels are the focus of tourists’ attention due to their location in a suitable geographical location and near the shopping centers of Antalya.

Below are some of the luxurious hotels in Lara Beach:

• 3-star Lara Palace Antalya Hotel

• Royal Wings Hotel Lara, Turkey

• Liberty Lara Antalya Hotel

• Dolphin Imperial Hotel

• Film Residence Lara and Spa Hotel

• Lara Antalya Miracle Resort Hotel

Children’s club

Lara area map of Antalya, where is Lara beach, Lara beach recreation facilities

There is a club on Lara beach to ensure the safety of children

In order to improve the safety of children and teenagers, a series of sports, show and fun activities have been built in the form of a club.

Pool Pool is one of the suitable and safe places especially for children in Lara Beach.

From the series of entertainment facilities of Lara Beach, the following can be mentioned:

• Beach chairs

• Types of beaches

• Volleyball and beach soccer field

• Wonder Park

• Lara shopping center

• local market

Two of the tourist spots near Lara Beach

The old city of Perga

One of the tourist attractions of Antalya near Lara Beach. The ancient city of Perga Is. In the past, the city of Pargeh has prevented pirates from entering as a defensive wall.

One of the touristic monuments of Perge city is the historical house of Apollonius. This house belonged to a famous Greek mathematician named Apollonius.

Kentialti Beach

In the western part of Antalya, Kontyalti Beach is located. As the second largest beach in Antalya, this beach benefits from clean and clear water.

Kontialti Beach plays a significant role in Antalya tourism and is considered a suitable option for people of different age groups to have fun.

One of the most exciting recreational facilities of Kontaliti Beach is the aquarium. Kontaliti’s large aquarium consists of 131 meters and 3 meters in length and width. Millions of aquatic animals are kept in this aquarium.

The best time to travel to Lara Beach

Access route to Lara Beach, Lara Sand Beach, Lara Beach, Turkey

Lara beach photos

Lara Beach is located in Antalya, Turkey. The city of Antalya has a warm and Mediterranean climate due to the Taurus Mountains.

It rarely rains in Lara Beach and the average temperature in summer is 45 degrees.

Thus, the best time to travel to Antalya and Lara Beach is spring and autumn, especially November (October).

Access route to Lara beach

Turkey – Antalya district – 12 km from Antalya city center – near the Mediterranean Sea – Lara beach


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