Lake Natron, a mysterious lake in Africa

Photo of Natron Lake


There have been some events in this lake that are affecting everyone’s mind. Everyone says it’s a mystery Lake Natron There is ! In this article, we are going to introduce you to this mysterious place.



Natron Lake, where is Natron Lake?

Lake Natron



Where is Natron Lake?
Lake Natron It is a salt and alkaline lake located in Arusha province in the north of Tanzania. This lake is located near the border of Kenya and in the Gregory Kaft, which is a branch of the East African Kaft. This lake and its basin are part of the Ramsar Convention areas in Tanzania, therefore it is of special importance.

The special position of this lake is such that water enters the lake but does not leave it. As a result, the water in the lake can only be removed through steam. Over the years, the water of the lake has evaporated and a large layer of salt and other minerals has been left behind.

Only a few species of fish (Alcolapia latilabris), a few types of algae and a group of flamingos live in Natron Lake, which feed on these algae.



Natron Lake, where is Natron Lake?

The secret of Lake Natron


The amazing story of Lake Natron:
In 2011, a photographer named Nick Brandt traveled to the eastern regions of Africa and took a detour to Lake Natron, Tanzania. He thought that Lake Natron was a great place to photograph wild animals, but after the trip, he realized that this famous lake had dried up the animals and it was as if these animals had turned into stone.

This photographer put the birds in situations as if they were alive and published them in an interesting collection. But according to him, “the condition of the birds’ bodies has not changed and we only placed them on branches and other places and photographed them."



Natron Lake, where is Natron Lake?

Where is Natron Lake?


What is the reason for birds and animals turning into stone?
The natives consider this lake to be cursed and mysterious and they are not willing to swim in it. Despite some media reports, animals in this lake do not turn to stone easily, and die after entering the water and coming in contact with it.

There, most of the year, the temperature of the lake water is between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius, also Natron water has various minerals in it, the presence of these factors together made this area not a suitable environment for animals.

The water of this lake is supplied from Ivazu Niro river and the water of this river is full of minerals and during its movement towards Natron, it passes through many hot springs. With these interpretations, when the water reaches Natron Lake, it has a high temperature and the presence of salt in it makes the water look like a substance similar to molten material. Unfortunately, birds that enter it to swim or use natron water get burned or poisoned.



Natron Lake, where is Natron Lake?

Lake Natron, Tanzania


Access to Natron Lake:
It is better to do the necessary research before traveling to this area and if the decision is finalized, have the necessary tools and facilities with you. Most people who want to visit this place use the routes of Arusha, Tarajiri, Serengeti and Ngorongoro. It takes 2 days to reach Natron lake from this difficult and bumpy route.

Address: Africa – Northern Tanzania – Arusha Province




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