Konyaalti Beach is the most famous and most beautiful beach in Antalya

Kenyalti beach located in Turkey is in the neighborhood of our country


Getting to know Konyaalti Beach in Antalya


Turkey is one of the most spectacular neighboring countries where you can have a good tourism experience from the cities of this country. If you are interested in coastal cities and swimming in open water, stay with us in the rest of this article to introduce you to the city of Antalya. From the scenic and coastal cities named Kenyalti Beach let’s get acquainted


The ancient city of Antalya and the tourism experience on its shores


Antalya is one of the most spectacular cities in Turkey, whose beaches can bring you many memories. This city has beautiful Mediterranean waters and warm sunshine, which is one of the most relaxing atmospheres to relax and get away from the noise of crowded and polluted cities.



Many tourists choose the beaches of Antalya to spend their holidays so that they can use the recreational facilities of this beautiful and cozy place. One of these beaches that we will talk about in the following is Kenyalti Beach, which we suggest you include in your travel plan. .



Kenyalti Beach


Antalya attractions, Antalya entertainment places, visiting Konyaalti beach

Visiting Kenyalti Beach



Antalya has 400 beaches, tourism in each of them can bring you a different and enjoyable experience.


But among all these beaches, there is a beautiful beach called Kenny Alti.


Stay with us in the rest of this article to introduce you to this beautiful beach so that you can have a better experience of your trip to this city and this beautiful beach.



Kenyalti Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Antalya and Turkey.


In this beach, you can experience most of the beach games along with the beauty of this beach. But the thing that adds to the advantages of this beautiful beach is its unique amenities, and the entrance to this beach is also free, so don’t worry about your budget and enjoy this beautiful beach safely.



This beautiful beach is located in the west of Antalya, which is full of beautiful hotels and various entertainment centers. Another reason why several thousands of tourists join the Antalya tour every year is the quality facilities of this city, as well as many hotels and accommodations in These beaches exist.



These days, Antalya is known as the tourist center of Turkey. You can travel to this beautiful city with any budget you have in mind and enjoy its recreational beaches. That is why Antalya has become one of the most popular foreign travel destinations. Is.



Among the other sights of Antalya, we can mention the historical buildings of this ancient city, although it goes without saying that tourists are excited for the beaches of this city and not its historical buildings.



Kenyalti beach also has high security, which makes it possible to enjoy this beautiful beach for all ages, from young to old.


This beautiful beach is 7 kilometers long from the coastal rocks to the mountains of Bidaglar.


On this beach, Turkish palm trees next to red flowers will show you an incredible view of this beautiful beach.



Access to this beautiful beach is accessible from all places of the city and with all vehicles due to its fame. The best time to visit Antalya and visit Konyaalti Beach is from early summer to mid-autumn.



As the weather in this country gets colder and the season goes to winter, it becomes less possible to enjoy the recreational facilities of this city.


Especially the water activities of this city, which depends on its summer weather. But if you are traveling to Turkey only for the accommodations on this beach, plan your trip in early winter, because in this season the prices of beach accommodations and hotels in Antalya are very high. They are cheaper.



Apart from its natural beauty, Kenyalti beach also has other features.


One of these features is having different and stylish restaurants and cafes, where you can enjoy a cool drink or a local dish next to this beach as soon as you get tired of water sports.



Other entertainment places in Antalya



The ancient city of Antalya, the most famous beach of Antalya, the attractions of Antalya

The city of Antalya is one of the most popular tourist places, which is Konyaalti Beach in this city



In addition to the fact that Konyaalti Beach can be called one of the best places to visit in Antalya, there are other tourist places in this city that we suggest you visit one of these places after Konyaalti Beach.


In the following, we will introduce you to 3 tourist places around Kenyalti Beach.



1. Antalya Aquarium



Antalya attractions, Antalya entertainment places, visiting Konyaalti beach

Antalya Aquarium is the world’s largest water tunnel located around Konyaalti Beach



Antalya Aquarium is one of the beautiful sights of Antalya city, which is a place for entertainment for both adults and children.


This aquarium is located on Konyaalti beach and has the world’s largest water tunnel, 131 meters long and 3 meters wide.


In this aquarium, you can see more than a thousand species of aquatic creatures, each of these species are ready to display their beauty for you in classified aquariums. Is.)


2. Ector Antalya amusement park


Konyalti Beach, Konyalti Beach in Antalya, Konyalti Beach Antalya Turkey

Ektor Antalya amusement park is one of the most exciting tourist places in this city


This beautiful amusement park called Actor was opened in 1997.


This amusement park is equipped with 40 attractive and exciting devices that can entertain you and your family for hours.


If you are more interested in nature, you can also visit the garden of this amusement park.



3. Lara Balik restaurant



The ancient city of Antalya, the most famous beach of Antalya, the attractions of Antalya

Do not miss Larabalik restaurant’s seafood during your trip to Antalya



If you visit Kenyalti beach, be sure that you will not miss the seafood of this beautiful beach. This restaurant has moderate and relatively good prices, excellent quality of seafood, and also a very stylish and clean environment.



final word


In the end, if you are interested in the water activities of this city and the sea food and the Konialti beach, you must travel to this city in the summer season, but if you are only planning to travel for the stylish accommodations of this city, try to visit this city in the winter season. To have the best travel experience in Antalya.


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