Jacob’s Well, Texas, the scariest water well in the world

Jacob’s well in Texas, USA


One of the most beautiful and at the same time most dangerous places on earth. Jacob’s well It is called This famous well is located in the Wimberley area of ​​Texas. with a depth of 40 meters, Jacob’s well It is one of the most dangerous areas in the world for diving. The well that has been given the title of beautiful scary because it has taken many victims so far.



Jacob's well, Jacob's well in Texas, America, Jacob's well in Texas

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About Jacob’s well:
The most famous and feared water well in the Wimberley area Texas Is. A well full of cold water. Jacob’s well With an opening of 4 meters and very deep, jumping in it has taken the lives of many people, however, there are still many adventurous people who like to dive into this mysterious well and explore its depths. It is not bad to know that the name of this well is taken from the book of the Bible.

When you look at Jacob’s well for the first time, it seems like a harmless and ordinary spring that is only a little wide, however, when you look further into it, it has an amazing volume of water that you do not know. You face what is behind it. If you go a few meters down this blue hole, you will reach 4 other connected holes, of which the fourth hole is the most dangerous.


Jacob's well, Jacob's well in Texas, America, Jacob's well in Texas

Jacob’s well


The opening of the fourth hole is very narrow and few people have been able to go there and the people who have gone have not come out alive.

However, the fourth hole is said to contain some amazing limestone, and since no more information is available, it adds to the mystery.

The people of Wimberley value this well and believe that it is an inspiration to many swimmers.


Jacob's well, Jacob's well in Texas, America, Jacob's well in Texas

Photo of Jacob’s Well in America


Reservation of tickets for swimming in Chah Yaqoob:
Jacob’s Well has been a place for visitors and locals for hundreds of years. If you want to go to this place, be sure to book a ticket from the last two weeks. Swimming is allowed in this area from 10 am to 6 pm and each swimmer can only be in the water for two hours.

Jacob’s Well is very busy at the end of every week. If you are going to this area to relax, it is better to book a ticket in the middle of every week.


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