Ista village, a mysterious place where women are not allowed to enter

Introducing Ista village in Taleghan


The village of Ista or Stopping in the outskirts of Taleghan is one of the strangest villages in Iran. They do not allow women to enter their village and avoid using any modern equipment.


Introducing the village of Istai Taleghan:
Taleghan is one of the beautiful summer areas, which is considered a part of Alborz province in geographical divisions, and its neighbors are Alamut and Mazandaran on the north side and Feshgaldara and Saujblag on the south side. Due to its natural attractions and diverse plant species and wildlife habitat, Taleghan is one of the poles of tourism and recreation, sometimes full of attractions. Also, in addition to natural attractions, it contains valuable historical remains and also has places of pilgrimage that have many people who travel to this place. In this article, we are going to talk about Ista village in Taleghan, where it is known as the technology stop station.



The residents of Ista are originally Turkish-speaking and followers of Ayatollah Tabrizi who passed away 80 years ago. Ista village is a place with a very small population.



Ista is a tidy and clean village that looks like a small green village from a distance.


In Ista village, no one has anything to do with anyone else. In the streets, there are no traces of the pieces of iron that are called “cars" in the city. You have to use horses and mules to move between the streets and alleys in this village. It has been seen that they have used automiles with bulldozers, loaders and tractors several times in transportation and doing agricultural work.



People who carry the life and customs of the past like a painting in the age of communication. Not only do they not watch TV at night, they also don’t believe in staying up late. They don’t have weddings and funerals, and events like birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, etc. have no meaning for them. They are hospitable, provided that none of the women intend to enter their village.



Women also live in the village, as no one from the outside world has ever seen them. But they rarely leave the house. In fact, they only leave the house when they have to.



The residents of Ista village do not have birth certificates and are not included in the population statistics of Iran. They do not receive any government services. Where they do not accept any facilities of the new world.



After reaching the age of duty, their children are free to live with them or return to the city of Tabriz.



Ista village, Ista village, Taleghan, Ista village introduction

The religion of the people of Ista village is Shia



Beliefs of the people of Ista village:


The religion of the people of Ista village is Shia. The people of Ista village, located in the east of Taleghan, extract the religious times of prayer with their indicators and determine the beginning and end of the holy month of Ramadan with their vision.


A group of followers of Mirza Sadegh Mojtahed Tabrizi, a famous jurist of the constitutional period, who, inspired by his anti-modernist views, have organized such a life in the era of modernity, live in this village. Mirza Sadegh Mujtahid Tabrizi was one of the jurists who emphasized the absolute rejection of the idea of ​​modernity and its achievements in both the fields of opinion and practice, and until the end of his life issued a fatwa on the impermissibility of using technological tools and new and modern affairs.



The income of the people of Ista village:


With all this closed world that the Istais have created for themselves, they are rich and their source of income is the sale of their father’s land in Tabriz. They have agricultural land in the village. They have surrounded their lands with Tabrizi trees and provide their needs from these lands.



Marriage in Ista village:
The type of marriages in Ista village is between themselves. Causal and relative are related. “A boy has never taken a girl from outside, nor can that girl come to Ista village and live."



Ista village, Ista village, Taleghan, Ista village introduction

Women in Ista village rarely leave the house



Education of children of Ista village:


The children of this village do not go to Taleghan city for education, but like in the past periods, in the traditional style of a home school, by learning the same lessons as jurisprudence and mahrams, calligraphy and the principles of beliefs, they also become literate. In general, there are 18 to 20 volumes of books in this village, including the practical treatise of Mirza Sadegh Mojtahid Tabrizi and the manuscript book of Seyyed Hossein Najafi Tabatabai.

Ista village address:
Alborz province, Taleghan city, Ista village




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