Introduction to Chaka Salt Lake, the most beautiful lake in China

Chaka Salt Lake is one of the tourist attractions and a huge part of China’s economy

Full introduction of Chaka Salt Lake tourist attraction in China

In fact, the very favorable geographical location and the availability of natural resources have determined the development of China in the world. In such a way that the second largest economy in the world based on gross domestic product is owned by China.

There are unique lakes such as Lugo Lake, West Lake, Chaka Lake, Sairam Lake, Hiun Lake, etc. in China. We can confidently say that it is one of the most beautiful lakes in China. Chaka salt lake Is.

Chaka Salt Lake in China

The role of Chaka Lake in China's economy, the most beautiful salt lake in China, Chaka Salt Lake

One of the beauties of Lake Chaka is the image that can be seen on it from the sky

Chaka is a kind of vast salt plain in China, which is about 15 km long and 9 km wide, covered by a thick salt crust. It should be noted that the size of the lake varies based on weather changes.

On the days when the sky is clear of clouds, the azure color of the sky is reflected in the water and looks crystal blue. Because of this unique beauty, Lake Chaka has been called the mirror of the sky.

Chaka salt lake has an extraordinary difference from other lakes due to the coexistence of solid and liquid salt with other organic substances.

The water in the salt lake is very shallow, but there are salt and minerals in Chaka Lake. In fact, minerals transform the buoyant force eight times higher than sea water. Therefore, the risk of drowning and suffocation is greatly reduced.

Of course, it should be noted that there are very dangerous black holes in the lake.

The role of Lake Chaka in China’s economy

Chaka Lake weather, where is Chaka Salt Lake, photos of Chaka Salt Lake

Every year, hundreds of tons of salt are extracted and supplied from Chaka Lake in China

In addition to its visual beauty, Chaka Lake is also important from an economic point of view.

During the Western Han Dynasty, the local people of Qiang used the salt of Chaka Lake for daily use.

From the second half of the 18th century, the exploitation of the salt of Chaka Lake began on a huge scale. In fact, among all the salt lakes, Chaka Lake has the longest operating history.

Every year, hundreds of tons of quality salt are mechanically extracted from Chaka Lake and exported to Japan, the Middle East and Nepal.

Chaka Lake weather

The weather around the lake is very cold and dry. Therefore, the annual rainfall of the lake is about 210 mm. During the year, only in the seasons when rain occurs, the size of the lake is in its natural state, and during the hot seasons, the width of the lake is greatly reduced.

Chaka lake salt and bronze

The facts of Chaka Salt Lake, China's salt lake, the role of Chaka Lake in China's economy

Thanks to the presence of Holliday layers in the Chaka salt lake, bronze alloys are visible

There are Holliday layers in the deep bed of the lake. On average, the Holliday layers are 5 meters and reach 15 meters at the thickest point. Halide or halites include compounds in which a metal cation is attached to a halogen anion.

Among the layers is Holliday Bronze. In fact, a few years after the extraction of bronze, bronze alloys appear again.

The salt grains in Diache are also of very high quality. Chaka salts are transported for processing after extraction and are used as table salt.

According to China’s forecasts, Chaka Lake has the ability to supply salt for the whole of China for the next 85 years. It should be noted that the population of China is over 1.4 billion people.


The relationship between the Silk Road and Chaka salt lake

The Silk Road was a trade channel in Asia. In other words, in the past, the Silk Road was a bridge between China and Iran. This road played a very important role in commercial and cultural exchanges.

The ancient silk road passed through the Chaka salt lake.

The right time to travel to Chaka Salt Lake

The right time to travel to Chaka Salt Lake, the most beautiful lake in China, Chaka Salt Lake

The best time to travel to Chaka is from July to August

Watching the view of sunrise and sunset from the salt lake is very spectacular and enjoyable. Especially in summer, from July to August, you will have the best experience of traveling to this area. So that by swimming in this salt lake, you will get rid of the pains of Azlani.

Interesting facts about Chaka salt lake

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Due to the properties of salt and moisture around Lake Chaka, breathing the air will have a therapeutic effect

• Around Lake Chaka, you will see huge sculptures that add beauty to this area. These statues are formed from salt deposits over a long period of time.

• Because of its many salts and salts, this lake allows swimmers to lie on it without having to swim. In fact, the buoyancy force in this lake is eight times the normal state.

• If you are lucky, when you stand by the lake, you will see a mirage so that you move towards it by seeing your bare hands and feet on the lake.

• It is interesting to know that the climate around this lake is favorable and breathing it has therapeutic properties due to the favorable effect it has on the lungs. We also mentioned a little earlier that swimming in this lake reduces back pain.

• In most seasons of the year, traveling to this area can be cold and it is interesting to know that in the summer too, this area will not be too hot, so that the temperature will eventually reach 19 degrees Celsius.

• The best time to travel to this part of China is from July to August, and we recommend that you watch the sunset and sunrise in this area. This can be one of the most beautiful memories of your trip to China.

Access to Chaka Salt Lake

Address: China, West Qinghai Province, Cheka City, Ulan Haixi County, Chaka or Kaka Salt Lake

Final point

When traveling to Lake Chaka Be sure to prepare yourself for photography because you will find many photographic subjects in this area. Also remember that you can taste the lake for the salt neck test, but due to health issues, never proceed with this.


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