introducing the city of Verona in Italy , Capital of love in the world

Verona is known as the capital of love in the world



Verona, Italy, the love capital of the world and the birthplace of Romeo and Juliet!


Surely you have heard of Romeo and Juliet. You know about their love story. In this article, we are going to introduce you to Verona, the place where Romeo and Juliet live, so stay with us.


Where is Verona?


Verona is a city in northern Italy. Verona is one of the tourist areas of Italy. Verona is known as the love capital of the world and most people think of Romeo and Juliet when they hear the name Verona. Although the city of Verona is not very famous like Venice, Rome, etc., those who have read the love story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet are familiar with this city. Verona is a good offer for people who are looking for architecture, art and literary fame.



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Verona is a city in northern Italy


Verona tourist attractions


In addition to Romeo and Juliet’s house, Verona has other tourist attractions that we will tell you below.


Juliet’s house


Shakespeare uses fictional characters Romeo and Juliet in his story. But the presence of a house with a balcony and a bronze statue of Juliet in its yard attracts the attention of those interested in this story. Although Romeo’s house is located near Juliet’s house, it has not been noticed as much as Juliet’s house. The attribution of the title of the city of love or the love capital of the world originates from the existence of Juliet’s house.


Vico Castle

In 1354, in order to avoid the risk of attack and rebellion, the Scaligerians ordered the construction of Vico Castle to use it in these situations. This castle has several main towers that have a unique view. The bridges, the hills around the castle, the view of the city, etc. are clearly visible and accessible from the main towers.


The Scaligeri mansion for the living of the lords is on the left and the main courtyard and the parade ground is on the right. Today, the inside of this castle is used as a museum, and paintings and sculptures by Tintoretto and Bizano are kept inside this museum. The famous Italian architect Carlo Scarpa was able to restore the interior design of this castle with his high skill so that its historical atmosphere and integrity would not be harmed.


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The Church of San Zeno is one of the must-see places in Verona


Church of San Zeno

According to some, this church has a legend and they say that in the year 589, the Adige river overflowed and the water came towards the church. At the end of the water in front of the entrance door where the burial place of the 8th Bishop of Verona, called St. Zeno, stops, and after that the name of the church is San Zeno Church. One of the best examples of Romanesque style architecture in Italy is San Zeno Church. If you travel to this city, be sure to visit the church of San Zeno, which belongs to the 12th century, and enjoy it.


Verona Cathedral


This church, like San Zeno Church, was built in the 12th century with Romanesque architecture. You must go to this church to see the tomb of Agatha and the painting of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary masterpiece of Ticin. There are also statues of the brave King Oliver and Roland on the main entrance door.



The city of Verona in Italy, sightseeing places of Verona, Vico Castle in Verona

Verona Cathedral


Church of St. Anastasia

It was built at the end of the 13th century. It is located in the center of Verona in a small square. The stone on the door of the church has the life style of St. Peter engraved in it.


Josti’s garden and palace


Be sure to visit this garden during your trip, because it will not be without pleasure. This garden and palace dates back to the 16th century. At the first glance, you can see the palace, and then to reach the gardens full of flowers, statues and the spiral garden, you have to pass through the palace and go to the back of it to see this beautiful garden. Giusti garden is one of the best Renaissance gardens in Italy, the other path of which leads to a smaller garden and the view of the city, which is twice as beautiful with old cypress trees, can be seen.


Scaliger family tomb

In the 13th and 14th centuries AD, when the Scaliger family ruled Verona, they turned the church of Santa Maria Anticar into the family church of their family. Now no one pays attention to the church, but the tomb of the rulers has attracted all attention. Tombs on top of which are statues of rulers in full armour. The sarcophagus and the copy of the statue on the horse that is above the entrance door of the church attract the attention of tourists.


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Vico Castle in Verona is used as a museum


Seniori Square


There are many buildings and palaces around this square, which are connected by an arched passage. The famous Italian poet Dante chose Verona to live after being expelled from Florence. The statue of Dante is located in the middle of the Signiori square. The Loggia del Consiglio building is one of the best buildings built in the Renaissance style in Italy and is located in the northern part of the Signiori square. On the roof of this building there are statues of famous citizens of Verona.


Arba Square


Famous buildings are located in this square, such as Mazzanti House, Lamberti Tower, and statues of Greek gods such as Apollo, Jupiter and Venus are decorated. Also, the statue of the Holy Mary of Verona is located in the north of this square and is surrounded by a fountain that belongs to 1368. One of the most spectacular and lively squares in Italy is Erbe Square, which is surrounded by historical buildings and canopied umbrellas. The liveliness of the square may be due to its transformation into a colorful vegetable and fruit market on Saturdays and Sundays.


The city of Verona in Italy, sightseeing places of Verona, Vico Castle in Verona

The Roman amphitheater in Verona is considered one of the best historical buildings


Roman amphitheater

Verona Arena is another name for this place. The Arena is located in Bera Square and dates back to the first century AD and was used to hold gladiator fights. Today, this place has become a venue for concerts and music festivals, but it has not lost its original structure, and it is considered one of the best historical buildings that has preserved its original structure so far. Another special symbol of the city of Verona, in addition to Juliet’s house, is the Roman amphitheater or Arena.



Verona city weather


The city of Verona is very cold in the winter and very hot and humid in the summer. You should consider the weather for traveling and visiting the city of Verona so as not to get into trouble.


Things you should pay attention to when going to Verona:


1. Have a copy of all your documents and don’t just have a photo of it on your phone


2. Hotels are different. Before going on a trip, research hotels and their services.


3. Travel insurance is essential for foreign trips. So be sure to get travel insurance for yourself and your family before you travel.


4. Keep the weather conditions in mind and take appropriate clothes with you.



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