Introducing Krabi Island, Thailand’s paradise

Krabi, Thailand



Getting to know Krabi Island, Thailand


The nature of Krabi is so beautiful that it is called the paradise of Thailand, many nature postcards are unique images. Krabi They are decorated.


If you want to get rid of the stress of city life and reach the peace of nature, Krabi is one of the best options for you.


Krabi (in English: Krabi) with an area of ​​4709 km is one of the beautiful southern provinces of Thailand, located on the coast of Malacca, and its center is the city of Krabi. The beautiful nature of Krabi includes beautiful islands, amazing mountains, relaxing beaches and pristine and beautiful nature.



Krabi is the paradise of Thailand, which is located next to the Andaman Sea and has kilometers of beautiful beaches and pristine and green nature, and you can go around the whole city by boat and enjoy the heavenly scenery around you.



The way to Krabi


Krabi Airport is located at a height of 25 meters above sea level, and you can enter Krabi by air from Bangkok.



Natural tourism attractions of Krabi



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Emerald pool in Krabi



Thung Teao Forest Park (in English: Thung Teao) and Emerald Pool (in English: Emerald)


The emerald pool located in the south of Thailand and in the Tang Tao Natural Forest Park should be the priority of your visit, a beautiful and clear and emerald pond located in the Tang Tao Forest, where you can swim and relax from other See the pristine scenery of the forest and its exotic and rare animal and plant species.



Caves and Railay beach (in English: Rai Leh or Railay)


Rail’s dream beach between Krabi and Onang is located in a quiet, technology-free world. This beach is surrounded by limestone rocks and it is not possible to access the beach by land and you can only go there by sea and by boat. This beach is a quiet and suitable place for rest and relaxation. The presence of pristine nature, limestone mountains, unique views, numerous caves, hidden lagoons between the rocks, soft and sandy beach is one of the natural tourist attractions of this area, especially the limestone mountains that It is a favorite of climbers who travel to Thailand.




Khlong Thom Temple and Museum (in English: Khlong Thom Temple Museum)


The building of this temple is 5 thousand years old, which is considered one of the oldest historical attractions in Krabi. Part of the building of this temple has been turned into a museum. You can see a collection of ritual religious tools, figurines, clay and stone tools, bronze tools in this temple museum.



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Tam Sua Temple and Tiger Cave



Tham Sua Temple (in English: Tham Sua) and Tiger Cave (in English: Tiger Cave)


Tam Sua Temple on top of one of the forested hills of Krabi presents you a unique view and is one of the most important tourist attractions of Krabi that you can see from the part known as the Tiger’s Paw and there are signs of it on the stone. And visit the tiger statue placed in the cave and the big Buddha that is worshiped by the locals. You have to climb 1277 steps to reach this temple.



Phi Phi Archipelago


Ko Phi Phi Don (in English: Ko Phi Phi Don) is the largest island of this complex that has permanent residents. Ko Phi Phi Don (in English: Ko Phi Phi Don) is the smallest island where The Beach was filmed. After the 2004 Indian tsunami and the destruction of these islands, strict rules were put in place to limit the height of buildings in order to preserve the scenery and natural attractions of the islands.



Scenic photo of Krabi city, Krabi island, Thailand, Krabi attractions

Lanta Krabi luxury resorts



Poda and Lanta Islands (in English: Poda and Lanta Islands)


Puda Island is located 7 km from Onang, which is 1100 meters wide and full of beautiful sea corals, and is one of the best places for snorkeling, kayaking and sunbathing. arrive


Lanta Island is so popular with tourists that it is full of luxury resorts and hotels, and only 100 of them have been built in the last 20 years. The island still retains its traditional shape.




Koh Hong Island (in English: Koh Hong)


AThis island with golden sands is a place to get rid of stress and everyday life. In this island, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, hiking and picnicking, you can enjoy activities such as spoon riding, kayaking, diving and fishing.




Karting and paintball racing at Krabi Kart Speedway


A speed race with karting cars that takes place at the race track between two cities, Krabi and Unang. There are also two-passenger cars for racing that you can use with another person, even children. A special area for paintball is also dedicated in this complex for the younger ones.



Klong Thom hot springs (in English: Klong Thom)


These natural hot springs are located in the heart of the forest near Khao Phra Bang Khram and according to the locals, they have healing properties. The water temperature of these springs is 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, which are very suitable for swimming and relaxation.



Krabi Fun Park (in English: Krabi Fun Park)


Krabi’s beautiful forest park is equipped with a variety of entertainment for tourists, including a zip line. According to the law of the park, the amusements of this park are allowed for people who are taller than 120 cm, even if the person is a child or a teenager in terms of age.



Scenic photo of Krabi city, Krabi island, Thailand, Krabi attractions

Elephant ride in Krabi, Thailand



elephant ride


One of the most common tourist activities in Thailand is elephant riding. The dense and pristine forests of Krabi are considered a suitable place for elephant riding. The end point of the elephant ride in Krabi is the river, where you can experience swimming next to the elephants.



Krabi city


Krabi city is not advanced compared to other Thai cities such as Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket and it has almost preserved its traditional texture and you can get to know the authentic Thai culture and tradition by visiting this city.



Good places to shop in Krabi


I will introduce the shopping centers in Krabi that you can visit and do shopping for yourself or buy souvenirs.



Krabi Island, Thailand, Krabi weather, scenic photo of Krabi city

Krabi markets



Krabi night market


Many foreign tourists of Krabi go to this night market to buy local products of Krabi. In this market, there are about 70 stores and street stalls where you can buy traditional souvenirs and local foods.



Vogue Mall


The multi-story building of the Vogue shopping center can be considered as an up-to-date and relatively luxurious shopping center where you can find the products of most of the world’s famous brands in this center. If you want to buy clothes, shoes, mobile accessories and toys, you can visit this shopping center. Additional facilities, including a video game center and the possibility of resting with food, are provided in this center.



Tescolotos shopping center


Tescolotos shopping center is very similar to chain stores and large hypermarkets in Iran, which is located on Aonang street, where you can buy food, cosmetics, and clothes you need in addition to the big supermarket.



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Krabi restaurants



Krabi restaurants


Rice is the main food of Thais, including the people of Krabi. The most famous Thai dishes that you can order in Krabi are: Sam Tom, Tom Kha Gai, Gaeng Daeng, Green Chicken and Pad Thai.


To find the best restaurants in Krabi, you can use the restaurant rating from the TripAdvisor website or application and see the points and opinions of users about the restaurants and their addresses. In the following, we will introduce you to a number of restaurants that have received better points in this application.



But as a general recommendation for any trip, go to the restaurants that are in the city center and main areas and should attract regular customers, usually the hygiene and food quality is better than the roadside restaurants and the outskirts of the city or purely touristic places. have.



Local Bistro Monaco restaurant:


This small and beautiful restaurant is located in the center of the city, which is famous for its homemade dishes. Pizza and chicken schnitzel can be mentioned among the dishes served in this restaurant.



Cafe Restaurant 89:


This cafe restaurant is located on Chufa Street, Krabi and is an Asian-Thai restaurant that is open from 6 am to 10 pm and serves all three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this cafe, you can order coffee, smoothies, Asian and Thai food. In 2019, Cafe 89 received the top quality mark of TripAdvisor.



Twin Lotus restaurant and residence:


This prestigious restaurant is located on Nang Thale Street, where you can order Thai food and modern dishes such as pizza. The main menu of this restaurant is seafood and it has been recognized as the top quality restaurant for two years in a row. This restaurant only serves lunch and dinner.



Royal Tandoor Restaurant:


This restaurant serves customers from breakfast to dinner and is an international restaurant that cooks Italian, Indian, Thai and Asian dishes with fresh ingredients.



Kodam’s kitchen:


Kodam Kitchen is located in Aonang and is suitable for those who want to pay less for food. This kitchen prepares its food daily and often has Thai and seafood dishes.



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