Hoya forest is the scariest and scariest forest in Romania

Hoya forest, which is one of the scariest and scariest tourist places

If you love your life, don’t go to this forest!

One of the most scary forests located in the land (Count Dracula) in Romania Hoya forest Is. Despite being scary, this forest attracts many tourists every year.

Introducing Hoya forest

Hoya forestwhich has attracted many tourists, at the same time it is one of the most dangerous places to visit.

This forest is located near “Cluj Napoca" and right near the open area of ​​"Transylvania Museum".

Strange things have happened in this forest, according to some, many people have gone there and never returned. It is even said that footprints of aliens have been seen in this place.

It is true that visiting the forest and seeing trees and vegetation gives us a good feeling and hearing the sound of birds and the special peace that prevails in it is attractive to us, but some forests instead of giving us a good and peaceful atmosphere. Shaking hands creates a feeling of fear, anxiety and panic in us.

Think about the strange and dense trees that do not allow light to pass through and do not let the space be fully illuminated and the presence of thick fog hides the beautiful image of the forest from us. Seeing such a scene takes away the charm of nature and the pleasantness of the beautiful images of the forest.

One of the scariest forests in the world near the city of “Cluj-Napoca" in the country, a forest called Hoia Baciu Forest, which is said to have an area of ​​250 hectares, and the strange things that happen in it have caused It is called the Bermuda Triangle of Romania.

Hoya forest, photos of Hoya forest, the scariest forest

The Hoya Forest is near the Transylvania Museum

What is the reason for people’s fear of this place?

The story is that some people put aside their fear and bravely went to the heart of this forest to visit this place. The visitors say that strange trees have grown in that forest and even changed their shape over time. .

They say that many people who went to this place for sightseeing never came back, or people who survived felt tired and suffered physical pain. Among them: itching, headache, dizziness, nausea, burns, strong feeling of fear and worry and other strange feelings that are the common version of most visitors.

But the main incident of this forest, which has been very controversial, is related to the late 1960s. Professor “Alexander Cift", a biologist of that period, recorded many pictures of the presence of a strange object in the air. The strange part of this story It was all evidence of this strange event that disappeared after his death.

This incident was not the first and the last strange event in this area.

The scariest forest, introduction of Hoya forest, where is Hoya forest

Hoya forest is located in Romania

In August 1968, a person named “Emil Barnea", who was an army technician, also recorded a strange image of a flying saucer over this forest. So, this area became a place to observe strange and indescribable lights.

This issue does not only go back to the previous period. People who enter this area today suffer physical injuries after returning.

Researchers have come to believe that all these events are outside of earthly power and all of them are the result of the powerful presence of supernatural forces.

The events of this war are so strange and scary that it is even reported that a spherical and luminous object appears or disappears, and they also talk about hearing terrible sounds or hearing the sound of laughter that breaks the silence of the environment.

The people who live in the area around the forest say that most of the people who disappeared were tortured and trapped, all of them possessed by ghosts and otherworldly beings.

It seems that all the people who enter there are under the supervision of these supernatural beings. All these events show that they harm or kill anyone who enters their territory.

In spite of all these events that even have to do with human lives, but; You should know that every year, a large number of tourists enter this area and some of them never return.

A trip to the Hoya forest, the trees of the Hoya forest, the transcendental nature of the Hoya forest

Despite Hoya forest being scary, many people travel to this forest for tourism

It is interesting to know that these otherworldly activities do not only harm humans; Rather, they have also destroyed the vegetation in the flat part of their cover.

If we want to look deeper into this strange issue, we will see that these extraterrestrial beings who have occupied a part of the forest, nothing grows except a tree or a plant, which is completely different in terms of shape and structure from the other part of the war, and all this shows Their supernatural power is more than what we think.

It is interesting to know that researchers have conducted studies in this area and have come to the conclusion that there is no substance or element in the soil that prevents the growth of vegetation. The issue that made the researchers think is why the vegetation of this area is so strange?

In order to discover this strange and illogical issue, researchers have asked the natives of that area this time so that they may be able to reach the final result.

The natives of that area say that this strange area is the center of the activity of supernatural beings and that this area is the home of spirits.

All the talks and observations seem illogical.. but the researchers cannot easily overcome this problem because the creatures have been seen and strange things have been recorded in this forest and there are many pictures of them. is.

The presence of spaceships, the area without vegetation, the disappearance of many people, the sighting of ghosts and the malfunctioning of electronic devices, all indicate the reality of these strange and otherworldly creatures.

Researchers from Germany, France, America, and Hungary have spent all their time exploring this scary place. The researchers want to deny all the claims made by some researchers with this evidence in the form of pictures.

At the same time, many people believe that this point is related to supernatural phenomena.

Do not go to Hoya!! If you value your life.

In spite of all these events that even have to do with human lives, but; You should know that every year, a large number of tourists enter this area and some of them never return.

Many people may be interested in adventurous and mysterious stories, or risk takers or fearless. However, they should know that this place has no place to take risks because coming to this place is a game with one’s life, or if a life-threatening event does not happen to a person, it can affect the person’s soul and spirit for years and the person will suffer from mental and psychological problems. It could be because people are constantly remembering those events or they may be drowning in their illusions.

The scariest forest, introduction of Hoya forest, where is Hoya forest

Researchers have found that there are supernatural forces in this area

Is the otherworldliness of Hoya forest real?

While the description of this story may have been exaggerated or the legends that were told in the past may have been included in this story, it is hard to ignore all these facts in the end. Perhaps, along with all the fanciful stories and illusions, something is happening in this forest that is beyond the understanding of human beings in the current situation and that we cannot completely ignore all the facts. Anyway, evidence from The existence of these creatures is presented that well, the existence of these creatures cannot be denied.



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