Hillier Lake, a unique pink lake

Where is Lake Hillier?



Lake Hillier (English: Lake Hillier) is the name of a saltwater lake on the edge of Middle Island near the south coast of Western Australia. This lake is famous for its pink color. In the following, you will get to know more about this beautiful wonder (Lake Hilir).


Where is Hillier Lake?
Hillier Lake is located on the edge of the middle island of Recherche Archipelago located in Western Australia. Hilir Lake is 600 meters long and 250 meters wide. Australia’s Pink Lake is small but majestic and beautiful.



Hillier Lake, where is Hillier Lake, Hillier Lake

Lake Hillier, Australia


Who discovered Lake Hillier?
Lake Hillier was first discovered in 1802 by a British navigator and cartographer named Matthew Flinders. In January of that year, he went ashore and climbed the highest peak on the island that bears his name today. He wrote in his notes that at the beginning of his arrival at this beach, he was surprised to see this small rose-colored lake.

He decided to name the lake Hillier in honor of one of the ship’s crew named “William Hillier" who died of dysentery after arriving on these shores.

When the crew went ashore to investigate, they discovered that the water in the lake was as salty as the Dead Sea.

Captain Flinders writes in his note: In the north-east part, there was a small lake of the color of a rose, the water of which, as visited by Mr. Thistle, was highly saturated with salt, and even some near the shore of the lake. It had crystallized.

The beauty of this lake is not limited to this pink color; Behind the soft sands that tickle the feet charmingly, right on the north side of the lake, thick forests and eucalyptus and paper trees stand out in emerald green and have created an amazing view. Around the lake, there are sand hills with all kinds of paper bark trees. This pink lake is located between the sand dunes and the frozen southern ocean, and this has added to the charms of Hillier, not to mention that the water in this lake is salty and not suitable for drinking.



Hillier Lake, where is Hillier Lake, Hillier Lake

Hillier pink lake


The reason why Lake Hillier is pink:
What exactly causes this lake to be pink is still debated. But scientists have come to the conclusion that the cause of the pink color of the Hillier Sea is halobacteria and a type of algae called Donalilla salina, which grows in salty environments. This is the condition of Pink Lake. These bacteria and algae produce red carotenoid pigments that cause the lake to change color.

Is only Lake Hillier pink?
Hillier lake is not the only pink lake in the world, there is another famous lake on the coast of Senegal, which is known as Retba lake. The interesting thing is that the pink color of this lake does not change color unlike Lake Ratba in Africa, Lake Hillier has salt, but remember that this lake is different from other lakes and its salt is harmful to humans and injuries. It is irreparable.



Hillier Lake, where is Hillier Lake, Hillier Lake

Hillier Lake


How to travel to Hillier Lake?
Esperance is the closest city to this island, so you need to travel to this city first. Esperance itself is located about 720 kilometers (land) from the capital of Western Australia, the city of Perth. If you travel by car from Perth to Esperance, you will be on the road for about 7 hours. The closest major cities to Esperance are Albany to the west and Kalgoorlie to the north. You can also fly from Perth to Esperance (about 90 minutes) via Virgin Australia.



Esperance Airport is about 20 kilometers away from the city. From there you can take a taxi or a rental car to the city center. The best way to see Lake Hillier is to sign up for a helicopter tour.



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