Getting to know the strangest attraction in the world, the Nazca lines

The Nazca Lines in Peru



Getting to know the most controversial attraction in the world, Nazca desert lines


Nazca lines One of the strangest tourism phenomena in the world is in Peru, which due to its vastness can only be seen from a high altitude and by plane.


Nazca lines (in English: Nazca Lines) drawn in the Nazca desert in Peru is one of the strangest phenomena in the world. The extent of these lines and paintings is so large that to fully understand the images, you have to fly over the Nazca desert. It is said that these works of art, whose vastness has made them among the wonders of world tourism, were drawn by the people of the Nazca civilization, who lived in this area from 400 BC to 650 AD.



The images drawn in the desert and known as Nazca lines vary in complexity from simple lines to more complex lines and drawing shapes such as spiders, hummingbirds, lizards and monkeys, etc.



The wonders of the Nazca lines, the hypotheses of the existence of the Nazca lines, the Nazca desert

Where are the Nazca lines?



Where are the Nazca lines?


The Nazca desert is a dry and uncultivable land located 400 km southeast of Lima and between the two cities of Nazca and Palia.



One of the strangest attractions in the world can be seen in this desert. In this desert without water and grass, hundreds of different lines in the form of geometric lines, humans, animals and insects have been drawn in an area of ​​500 square kilometers.



The extent of these lines and paintings is so large that it is impossible to recognize their full form from the ground and you must be at a height to see the Nazca lines.


The best way to see the Nazca lines is to fly over the desert. When passing over the Nazca desert, you can see grooves and lines on the ground that have created the shapes of birds, fish, lizards, whales, stars, rectangles and other geometric shapes.



The reason for the Nazca lines, Nazca lines, Nazca lines in Peru

The Nazca lines are the tourist wonders of the world



The wonders of Nazca lines


These lines are made with pebbles coated with iron oxide and have a clear contrast with the surface of the desert soil.



The Nazca desert is one of the driest regions on earth, which has almost constant weather conditions and the wind blowing in this area is very rare and insignificant, that’s why the works of art known as the Nazca lines have disappeared after all these years due to erosion. have not gone



The depth of Nazca lines is between 10-30 cm, so they will be destroyed in case of heavy rains. The Nazca Lines Protection Organization has announced that pollution and erosion caused by deforestation are among the threatening factors of these lines.



Where are the Nazca Lines, Nazca Lines in Peru, world tourism wonders

Nazca lines



The precision used to draw these lines and its breadth for drawing by people who lived about 2000 years ago is strange for everyone. Nazca desert paintings are more than 70 images of animals, insects and humans, the largest painting of Nazca lines is about 270 meters long.



Archaeologists think that these plans were first drawn in a small form and then enlarged by a diagram and implemented on the surface of the earth.



Nazca, the reason for the existence of Nazca lines, Nazca lines

Why are Nazca lines drawn?



Why are Nazca lines drawn?


The motive of drawing these lines by Nazca people who could not even see the final form of their paintings from the sky is the most important secret of this phenomenon.



There is no history of the civilization of the Nazca people, who designed these lines, and there were only theories about the reason for drawing these lines, the most controversial of which is von Däniken’s theory, according to him, these lines were probably an airport for spaceships. Is.



The prevailing theory, which is accepted by more people, says that these paintings were drawn with religious motives, and people probably intended to create images that only God could see from the sky.



Another hypothesis states that the Nazca people wanted to refer to the areas located on the far horizon, such as where the moon, sun and other heavenly bodies rise and set.



In 1985, an archeologist named Johan Reinhard published information in which he proved that the worship of mountains and other water sources has played an important role in Nazca religion and economy since ancient times. His theory was about justifying the praise of the gods who were responsible for the fertility of the crops and the abundance of water, and these lines were sacred roads that led to the gods, and the gods were worshiped at that point, and these images were a symbolic form of seeking help from the gods. .



Nazca lines on Google Map, the wonders of Nazca lines, the hypotheses of the existence of Nazca lines

Hypotheses of the existence of Nazca lines



David Johansson investigated the connection between the Nazca lines and underground waterways and said that since the areas with the most shapes are concentrated on underground water or near wells, these lines indicate that the place has water. Or not. In order not to spend a lot of time looking for water sources, desert dwellers have drawn a large-scale map by drawing these pictures to show them exactly where they can find water.



Robin Edga’s hypothesis says that the Nazca lines, especially the shapes of animals, humans and flowers, are an ancient reaction to the phenomenon, the eye of God. A total solar eclipse clearly looks like the pupil of an eye, as if a giant eye in the sky is watching Earth. God’s eye can be seen in the sky during a total eclipse. The timing of the drawing of the Nazca lines coincided with a series of total eclipses across southern Peru.



According to local residents, old residents have performed rituals on these lines to thank the gods for continued rain and water coming down from its mountains. Accordingly, another theory has named these lines as walking temples, which means that a group of speakers were moving along one of the lines dedicated to the holy essence.



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