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All about the Rhine


Today we would like to introduce one of the longest and most important rivers in Europe with a length of more than 1.232 km. Yes, its name is the Rhine River, which takes its main source from the Rhine Waldhorn glacier, which is 3.353 meters above sea level. To learn more about Rhine River be with us.


Where does the Rhine river journey start from?


Before we say where the “Rhine River" journey starts, which countries it passes through and many other things, we would like to provide you with a general description of this river. The habitat of this river is the continent of Europe and it has two branches from the main rivers. Rhine River It is born from the Swiss Alps.



Now let’s move on to the topic of our conversation. If we want to describe the general route of the Rhine, it goes like this: after passing through the countries of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, France and the Netherlands, it finally flows into the North Sea in the city of Rotterdam.



But the Rhine is at the beginning of a small river that is born from the Alps. But it doesn’t take much time to add to the volume and speed of the river towards Lake Constance. But the destination of the Rhine is the North Sea, and continuing its course, it suddenly flows from the famous Schaffhausen waterfall to pass through the industrial city of Basel in Switzerland.



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The Alps


Now, our small river at the beginning has turned into a wide river to be used as the main passage in European maritime transport to carry goods and raw materials to other places.



But this is not the end of the Rhine:


Finally, the Rhine moves towards Germany to define the border line between this land and France. As the water flow passes through the Rhine gorge, the river narrows and creates a steep valley on both sides.



Now the Rhine River ends its journey by passing through the Netherlands (a completely flat and smooth country) and by joining other rivers of the Netherlands, it continues its journey until it reaches the North Sea in the city of Rotterdam and ends its journey.



 France's tourist attraction, the Rhine River, everything about the Rhine River

Another picture of the Rhine


Interesting facts about the Rhine:


• The most famous part of this river is the Middle Rhine Valley in Germany, located between the cities of Bingen and Bonn, to intersect the states of Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.



• Also, a part of this valley is located on the railway track. For this reason, parts of it are considered part of the world heritage.



• It is said that the most beautiful part of the Rhine Valley is located in the south of the city of Koblenz next to the Eren Branstein Castle at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle.



• The Rhine has other nicknames, such as the heroic Rhine. But do you know the reason? We will tell you. This river has become the Rhine Hero because of its dreamy cliffs, beguiling castles and flowing rivers of the Swiss mountains that come from West Germany to the North Sea.



• You can observe ancient complexes and old cities along this river to enjoy their beauty.



• The location of the highest peaks in the world near the Rhine river, between the two cities of Koblenz and Bingen, has doubled the characteristics of this river.



• The location of cities like Cologne and Strasbourg on the banks of this river has made it possible for tourists to have a pleasant memory of their trip.



Introduction of other main and important rivers of Europe:


We decided to introduce you to other rivers besides the Rhine. Of course, there are many important rivers of the European continent, and here we mention a few of them.



Before the introduction, it is interesting to know that European rivers have several uses in general:


• Formation of borders between different countries



• Use in agriculture or fishing industry



• Having rich minerals and organic compounds



• Extremely beautiful and special views in the narrow valley or different waterfalls on their way



The first river to introduce is Volga:


This river, which flows in the west of Russia, starts its path from the Valdai hills and flows into the Caspian Sea after traveling a path of 3690 kilometers. Jalga river delta also contains about 500 small channels and streams. It is interesting to know that Yaroslavl is one of the cities that is surrounded by the Volga river and has become very important in terms of history and tourism.



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Beautiful view of the Volga River


The second river is called Danube:


This river starts from the Black Forest in Germany and ends at the Black Sea. The delta of this river is also the second largest delta in the world in such a way that there are about 5 thousand animal and plant species in it. This river marks the border between 10 countries and passes through important cities such as: Belgrade, Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, etc.


Do you know that this river is known as the “Queen of the Danube", the capital of Hungary, the city of Budapest! Because about 1/3 of the Danube River flows in Hungary, and having 300 different branches, 30 of them can be navigable.



 Everything about the Rhine River, photos of the Rhine River in Europe, the Rhine River in Europe

The unique view of the Danube River


Introducing an important commercial waterway for Germany:


The name of this river is Elbe, which originates from the Krkonoše mountains in the north of the Czech Republic and continues its way to reach Germany after passing through the Bohemian region. Elbe connects two tourist cities “Prague" in the Czech Republic and “Dresden" in Germany.



 Photo of the Rhine River in Europe, the Rhine River in Europe, pollution of the Rhine River, about the Rhine River

A beautiful picture of the river Elbe


Introducing the most beautiful tourist attraction in France:


This river is called “Seine" and flows into “English Channel" or “Manche Channel" in Le Havre region. 32 bridges are placed on it, each of them has unique beauty. The name of its oldest bridge is “Henr Bridge" and “Pont Neuf Bridge" is one of the newest bridges of this river.



The largest river in Europe, the tourist attraction of France, the Rhine

A picture of the river Seine


One of the most wonderful pastimes along this river is the presence of floating restaurants and numerous cafes to spend time. You can even experience boating.



Introducing the fifth longest river in Europe


This river, which is known as “Dan", after traveling a distance of about 1870 km, finally flows into the Volga River. Of course, this river must pass through the southern part of Moscow to reach the Volga. “Don Cossacks" live on the lower banks of this river and were present in almost all the important wars of Russia.



Introduction of a river called Tagus


As this beautiful river passes through the two countries of Spain and Portugal, it has created a lot of economic progress in these two countries. After passing through narrow and winding valleys as well as deep gorges near the capital of Portugal, the Tagus River finally flows into the Atlantic Sea.



France's tourist attraction, the Rhine River, everything about the Rhine River

This is a beautiful picture of Tagus River


Introducing one of the branches of the Rhine


This river, which is called “Ar", starts from the Bernese Alps in Switzerland and ends there. The river R is a suitable place for inflatable boats, which joins the river Seine at the end near Coblenz.



last word:


First, we talked about the Rhine and its beauties, and at the end, we introduced the main and most important rivers of the European continent. We hope that you liked this article. Share your experiences and opinions with us.




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