Getting to know the island of Capri, one of the most stunning islands in Italy

The island of Capri in Italy



Travel to the beautiful Italian island of Capri


Capri island It is one of the most stunning islands in Italy, located in the south of Italy and close to the city of Naples. The length of this island is 6 km and its width is 2 km, which includes the two cities of Capri and Anna Capri.


Capri island



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The island of Capri is located in southern Italy near the city of Naples



Every year many tourists from all over the world Capri island tour They reach this island. Even native people from southern Italian cities travel to this island to see beautiful scenery and spectacular views.



The green nature is one of the natural wonders of this island, which in the past caused the ancient Roman empires to escape from the crowd. During the Roman Empire, Emperor Tiberius ruled Capri for 10 years, and 12 villas were built on this island by his order, and now the ruins of 12 villas attract the attention of every viewer as ancient monuments. There are also many prehistoric artifacts on this island.



There are no springs or rivers on the island of Capri, but due to the high rainfall, this area is fertile and has turned it into a center for the production of olive oil and all kinds of fruits. The main source of income for the residents of this island is tourism.



The fame of the island of Capri


The island of Capri is an island that has everything in one place and that is why it is famous. For example: the existence of unique waters, beautiful and pleasant nature, amazing landscapes, unique foods, excellent shopping centers, ancient monuments, etc. All these reasons make famous people and other people put the island of Capri on their travel list.


There are 2 ways to go to the island of Capri. The city of Sorrento is the closest route and the city of Naples is the longest route. The choice of short and long route depends on people’s taste and their travel time limit.



Capri island tourist attractions


As we said, the island of Capri has many attractions. In the following, we explain some of the attractions of this island.



1. Augusto Garden or Botanical Garden



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Jeziza Capri photos



As its name suggests, Emperor Augustus ordered the construction of this botanical garden, which today attracts the attention of many tourists as one of the tourist attractions of the island of Capri. In this garden, there are porches full of flowers, and by being in these porches, you can feel the full nobility of Faralioni Islands. Three rocky islands made of limestone have come out in the middle of the sea and have a height of 81 meters, 104 meters and 109 meters, respectively. This island is called the Faralioni Islands.



2. Marina Piccola beach


Marina Piccola beach is a few minutes away from the city of Capri. The presence of high rocks around this beach does not allow the wind to enter, and swimmers can swim in this beach with peace of mind in winter. Also, in other seasons, many people go to this beach to swim. Because it has a good location for swimming and the location of Marina Piccola beach is good for sunbathing. The presence of anchored boats in a small harbor in the southern part of Marina Piccola beach allows tourists to have fun with a boat on Marina Piccola beach.



3. Blue cave



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The Blue Cave is one of the must-see places on the island of Capri



To access the Blue Cave, you must use a boat from Marina Grand or a bus from Anna Capri. But finally you have to use a boat to enter this cave. The cave is full of water and the reflection of sunlight makes the color inside the cave bright blue, which has a very attractive view.



There are many boats near the entrance of this cave to take tourists into the cave, but it should be noted that the height of the cave is low and few people have to bend down to pass through it. From the 19th century until now, this cave is considered one of the tourist attractions of the island of Capri, which tourists show great interest in.



4. Roman Palace of Joys


One of the largest palaces on the island of Capri is the Joyous Palace with 18 thousand square meters. The location of this palace on a high hill shows the spectacular views that await tourists. There is also a rock next to the Joyez Palace, which, according to local people, was the place to throw people who annoyed the emperor.



5. Natural arch


Due to the erosion and the passage of time, the natural arch has turned into an extraordinary shape in a completely natural way, and it took thousands of years to create this effect. The height of this arch is 20 meters and its width is 12 meters. People who go to the Roman Palace of Joys can see this arch very well.



6. Piazza Umberto town square



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Piazza Umberto is one of the most famous squares on the island of Capri



Piazza Umberto is one of the most beautiful and famous squares in the city of Capri, and it is a very suitable place for people who are tired of the beach and coastal views. Because there are many cafes around this square, which are great and suitable for spending time and talking with family, as well as watching the commotion of people. A clock tower from the 17th century is located in front of this square.



7. San Giacomo Monastery


The architecture of this monastery was built in the Capri style in the 15th century. Pirates attack this monastery in the 16th century, loot everything and set it on fire. However, there are many paintings and historical parts of this monastery that can be visited.



8. Church of Santo Stefano


This church was built in the 17th century based on the design of the Roman palace of Joyez. In the church of Santo Stefano, the statue of Castanzo, known as the statue of the Holy Guardian of Capri, is kept. Marble stones have been used to decorate the grounds of this temple.



9. Marina Grande



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Marina Grande is the main anchorage on the island of Capri



Marina Grande literally means big port. This port is one of the main anchorages of the island of Capri. Also, the largest beach of the island of Capri belongs to Marina Grande. The colorful houses located in Marina Grande belong to the fishermen, which gives a beautiful view to this harbor. The church of Santo Stefano is well visible from the Marina Grande. The port of Marina Grande allows tourists to walk and ride a boat.



Tips for traveling to the island of Capri


One of the most logical and convenient ways to travel to the island of Capri is to buy a tour. Buying plane tickets, hotel reservations, travel insurance, transfers… are things that are the responsibility of the tour. So you will experience a sweet and enjoyable trip with your family without any hassle, stress or worry.



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