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There are people in the world who are interested in discovering new and scary places. Maybe you are one of these people and have a special interest in experiencing forbidden and mysterious places. You will know in this article black forest Where is it located and why is it scary to go there?


The reason for the name Black Forest



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The reason for the name of the black forest is the absence of light in its depths



You may have been asked why this name was chosen for a forest. A forest where no rays of light ever hit the ground and the lower parts of the trees have never seen light is worthy of such a name.


Maybe when you hear its name, you are reminded of a scary book or movie, but when you enter this forest, you experience a new and wonderful world. Originally the name black forest It is because of the dark green color in its landscapes that has emerged from the growth of many pine trees in this forest.



The beauty of this forest is much more than its fear aspect. The presence of many and dense trees created an indescribable scene. Also, the presence of huts left from the Middle Ages doubles its beauty, and for this reason many tourists go to this forest every year to see them.


But behind this beauty, there are stories that created many stories and the ancestors forbade people to go there and spoke of its ominousness.



The outskirts of the Black Forest, the Black Forest, the reason for naming the Black Forest

Many people consider the Black Forest to be an ominous and strange place



Stories and edges of the Black Forest


The Black Forest, like many places, is always in fog, and sometimes this fog is so heavy that people cannot find each other at distances of more than 2 meters.


There is a winding path in this forest that passes through thick trees, this path is known as Timberland and it is surrounded by spruce trees with red leaves.



Imagine these trees with fog and a land without light, that’s when your fear of this forest increases, even until a few years ago, signs were installed in the forest that said do not walk in these paths. Of course, the person or people who installed them were never identified.



But many locals believe that these warnings should be taken seriously and some of them have said that strange things have happened in parts of this forest and they do not dare to enter the forest alone.



The outskirts of the Black Forest, the Black Forest, the reason for naming the Black Forest

Many locals refuse to enter the Black Forest



Where is the Black Forest?


The Black Forest (German: Schwarzwald) is a forested mountain range in the state of Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany.



Photos of the Black Forest, the outskirts of the Black Forest, the Black Forest

The Black Forest is located in Germany in the state of Baden-Württemberg



This forest stretches from the west to the Rhine River and from the south to the foothills of the Alps in Switzerland. The highest peak in this area is Feldberg Peak with a height of 1,493 meters.


About 10,000 years ago, this forest was covered with snow and ice and was somehow buried under it. But with the passage of time and the warming of the weather, these snows have melted and turned into beautiful lakes, and over time, the seeds of the trees have grown and soared.



Because of the pristine and rich land that existed, they have grown so big and huge to the point where they have become a forest and have earned this name with their greatness.



Crumbling Cliff-Side Castle



 The outskirts of the Black Forest, the Black Forest, the reason for naming the Black Forest

Cliffside Castle is located in the Black Forest



Maybe you have heard stories about a castle located in this forest where a cruel queen lived and used innocent villagers for her affairs, but it is interesting to know that none of these stories are about Liechtenstein Castle. (Lichtenstein) is not true and no evidence has been found to prove this.


The only items found in this castle are old armors and big weapons, which shows that this big and beautiful castle was just a big warehouse for storing and displaying war equipment.



The right time to visit the Black Forest


If you are still interested in visiting this place after everything you have read so far, then you should visit it like millions of other tourists in autumn.


At this time of year, you can walk through multiple layers of leaves and watch animals like antlered deer. Also visit cities like Freiburg and Baden-Baden, which are popular tourist spots on the western edge of the Black Forest.



Among the other attractions of this city, you can mention cuckoo clock and black forest cake. There is also an open-air museum called the Judge’s Farm (Vogtsbauernhöfe), which displays the life of farmers in the region in the 16th and 17th centuries. Another museum that exists is the German Clock Museum, which exhibits the history of the watchmaking industry in the city of Fort Wangen.



Where is the Black Forest, research on the Black Forest experiment, the history of the Black Forest

In addition to all the mysterious things in the Black Forest, nature is still beautiful



In this article, you got to know the Black Forest located in Germany and to some extent you could imagine what kind of landscape you are facing. You also found the right season to travel there.


This forest has had many strange adventures, of course, no reliable evidence has been found for that, so it cannot be considered scientifically sinister and feared.



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