Getting to know “Sentinel Island” known as the human zoo

Sentinel Island in India



North Sentinel Island It is one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. A group of indigenous people, known as Sentinels, live on this island. The Sentinelese have avoided any kind of relationship with other peoples and have had no contact with the modern world. In this way, the Indian government has declared the entire island, which is almost the size of Lawan Island, and the surrounding waters up to three miles from the island, as a prohibited area.


Where is Sentinel Island?
There are about 1200 islands in India. These islands attract many tourists because of their beautiful rocks, coral beaches, volcanic mountains and spectacular nature. One of the best and most beautiful islands in India is North Sentinel Island.


North Sentinel Island North Sentinel is a small island in the western part of the southern part of Andaman Island located in the Bay of Bengal. The island is surrounded by coral rocks. The area of ​​this island is about 28 square miles and its population is between 50 and 400 people. It is estimated that the people of this island live in the Stone Age way and have no contact with the world outside the island.



The language they speak to each other is not similar to the languages ​​of the inhabitants of the surrounding islands, and it can be said that they are among the oldest tribes that have ever been observed. It is said that the inhabitants of this island are hunters who came to this area from Africa 60,000 years ago. There is no information available about the way of life and customs of its residents. There is a claim that the islanders are cannibals. People have claimed that they were able to go to this island and get out of this island without being harmed, but there is no evidence to confirm their claims.


Sentinel Island, Sentinel Island in India, North Sentinel Island

Life in the Stone Age way Sentinel Island


The reaction of the Indian government regarding Sentinel Island
The country of India Since 1947, it has declared this island as a part of its country. The Indian government tried many times to communicate with the people of this island, but it was met with their sensitivity and overreaction. Therefore, the Indian government announced that no one has the right to come closer than 3 miles to this island for the purpose of fishing and tourism. Because the residents of this island do not want to welcome foreigners and tourists, and most of those who have set foot on this island have been imprisoned or killed.

“Sentinel Island" known as the human zoo
Over the years, many people came to make contact and make friends with the people living on this island and invite them to different religions. Sentinel Island but they were welcomed like early humans. For this reason, this island is known as a human zoo. Another reason for the prohibition of the Indian government is that the body of the people of this tribe is not safe against all kinds of diseases, especially infectious and dangerous diseases, and its people may suffer from dangerous diseases.


Sentinel Island, Sentinel Island in India, North Sentinel Island

Sentinel Island known as the Human Zoo


John Richen’s research on Sentinel Island
The first observations of this island date back to 1771. When British surveyor “John Richen" saw lights from this island while passing by this island by ship. “Morris Vidal Portman" traveled to this area in 1880 to know the traditions and people of this island. For this purpose, Portman’s people kidnapped 6 people from this island, but two of them, who were elderly, got sick and died, and the rest of them, who were young and young, were released. His research lasted 7 years.


Strange things happened in Sentinel
In August 1981, a ship in Sentinel Island sat down A few days after the ship ran aground, its passengers saw men with small bodies and black faces carrying spears and arrows and building a boat on the shore. Captain Primus was shocked to see them and radioed an emergency request for firearms so that he and the ship’s crew could defend themselves against the islanders. As the sea became stormy, the islanders stayed away from the stopped ship. After a week, a helicopter approached the island to rescue the ship’s crew.


In 1986, a prisoner who managed to escape from prison, accidentally arrived on this island. A few days later, the search team found the body of this escaped prisoner on the beach of this island. In 2006, two fishermen aged 48 and 52 who had accidentally reached the island were killed by the islanders. In November 2018, the residents of the island, an American tourist reached the island with the help of several people, but was killed by the natives of the island with several knives in the throat. The police arrested the people who helped him.


First peaceful contact with the people of Sentinel Island.
One of the directors of the Center for Anthropological Studies of India named Pandit was able to establish the first peaceful contact with the Sentinelese in 1991, which was broken 6 years later. In 2004, this island suffered an earthquake and tsunami. Three days after this incident, the Indian government tried to help the residents, but was hit by stones and spears that the residents threw at them. Therefore, there is no accurate information on the number of people killed in these incidents. This tsunami destroyed the boats and the fishing place of the residents of this island.



Sentinel Island, Sentinel Island in India, North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island


Before this earthquake, the area Sentinel Island It was about 72 square kilometers and had an almost square shape, but after the earthquake, the island rose by one to two meters.

Many people traveled to this place with the support of the government, but it is said that they were not well received.


Approaching any aircraft, helicopter or hovercraft to this island is met with throwing stones, spears and bows and arrows, ships that approach it on purpose or by accident, all disappear. Fishermen who have even stumbled upon this island by chance have disappeared or been killed. In short, approaching this island is dangerous and unreasonable.


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