Getting to know Montenegro, a piece of heaven

Montenegro is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe.


Montenegro is one of the most popular and beautiful destinations of the European continent, which is not well known among Iranians. A country that is known as a piece of paradise and has a high diversity of flora and fauna. The country of Montenegro attracts many tourists every year with its spectacular beaches, unique natural landscapes and high variety of food. In the following, we will introduce you to another European tourist attraction called Montenegro.


Montenegro means black mountain, this jewel of the Adriatic Sea is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Europe. Montenegro is a country in South-Eastern Europe with the capital city of Podgorica and is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The city of Cetinje is also known as the historical capital of Montenegro. The currency of this country is Euro.

The area of ​​this country is about 13,810 square kilometers. The north of Montenegro is mountainous and it borders Albania, Bosnia and Serbia in the east. Its height decreases towards the west and south. Mountain ranges can be seen in the south and center of the country. One of the highest peaks in Montenegro is called Bobotov Kuk, whose height reaches 2,522 meters.



Montenegro has a temperate climate and coastal Montenegro has a Mediterranean climate.



Montenegro, the country of Montenegro, where is Montenegro?

Map of the country of Montenegro


Economy of Montenegro:
The Montenegrin economy is mostly service-oriented, which has recently changed to a market-based economy.

The country suffered a recession in 2008 as part of the global recession. Nevertheless, it remained one of the best destinations for foreign investments, the only country in the Balkans where the amount of foreign direct investments increased.

Montenegro has unique beaches and beautiful mountainous northern regions. In the 1980s, this country was one of the most popular tourist destinations, but the Yugoslav wars in the surrounding countries in the 1990s paralyzed the tourism industry and ruined the image of Montenegro for many years.



Montenegro, the country of Montenegro, where is Montenegro?

Local cuisine of Montenegro


Montenegrin cuisine:
Montenegrin cuisine has been influenced by different ethnic groups and is very diverse. As the food of the north of this country is completely different from its central part. Montenegrin cuisine is generally inspired by Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Iraq, Hungary and Central Europe. Meanwhile, Turkish food has had the greatest impact on the food taste of this country. While in baking homemade bread, Italy has had the most influence in Montenegro.



Montenegro tourist attractions:
Among the tourist attractions of Montenegro, the following can be mentioned:


Setine city
Today, the beautiful palaces of Setineh with their climatic architectural style have become museums, academies and office buildings. Among the other interesting sights of this city, we can mention the Vela Church (ٰVlah).


Mount Lawson
Montenegro got its name from this beautiful mountain.


Asoti Stephen
This incredibly beautiful island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, which is full of clay houses.


Biogradska Gora National Park
The variety of animal and plant life, especially the 500-year-old trees, is the reason why tourists visit this park every year.


Strug Monastery
This strange monastery in the heart of the mountain is the main Christian shrine.



Montenegro, the country of Montenegro, where is Montenegro?

Montenegro tourist attractions


Shopping in Montenegro:
Shopping in this country is exactly the opposite of the hustle and bustle of Western European countries. Fresh fruits and vegetables, cream and local Montenegrin cheese, which has a very good flavor, are available in the stores. Also, this country has a coffee with a unique taste. To buy clothes, you can use cheap Turkish clothes or similar ones. You can buy by credit card but for small amounts it is better to carry some cash.

All living expenses, including food, housing, services, household items, books, cinema tickets, etc., are lower than other European countries.


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