Getting to know Malta, a wonderful island in the Mediterranean

Malta is one of the countries of the Mediterranean archipelago



Introducing the country of Malta, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea


The country of Malta, which is known by the official name of the Republic of Malta, is a country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, which is considered a very beautiful and dreamy country. Malta has a population of about 400,000 people and its president is George Ayala. In the following, we will explain more fully about the country of Malta and its geographical location, economy and tourism.


The country of Malta is an island that was formed from the accumulation of several islands in the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Europe. Although this country is small and sparsely populated, it is interesting to know that the quality of life index of this country has a favorable position in the world.



The historical contexts of Malta are so beautiful and attractive that it is known as a large open-air museum and attracts many tourists every year.


The capital of Malta is called Valletta and its area is only 0.8 square kilometers. This city, which had only about 7000 thousand people in the census of 2000, was selected as a world heritage site by UNESCO because of the ancient monuments of the 16th century.


Among the cities of Malta, the largest city is called Birkirkara, which had a population of about 22 thousand in 2005.



The capital of Malta, the center of Malta, the residence of Malta

Common languages ​​in Malta are English and Italian



English and Italian are very common languages ​​in Malta. The official languages ​​of Malta are English and Maltese. The reason why the people of Malta speak English well is that this country was under the British colony for a while. In addition, because it is located next to Malta, Italy, Maltese people also speak Italian.


In the country of Malta, there is a very strong winemaking industry that uses native grapes to make wine.



Malta is among the best in the world


Famous dishes of Malta, pictures of Malta, Malta

Malta has a high level of education quality



It is surprising if we say that this country has made remarkable progress in all fields, including the quality of life index, income, job and education, entrepreneurship and other fields, so that, for example, the future employment of this country has grown by 58%.


Among the prominent countries of the world, Malta ranks seventh in terms of work-life balance. In this way, with 44 hours of work in this country, your standard of living will be high and you will have a comfortable life.



It is interesting to know that this country is also among the single digits of the ranking in terms of exports.


Also, it is better to know that this country has a high ranking in the level of education as well, so far no unprincipled practices of education have been reported in this country. In Malta, you can work and earn money for the pharmaceutical field at the same time as you study.



The geographical location of Malta and its climate


The country generally consists of 6 islands, 3 of which are inhabited and include Malta, Gozo and Camino. It also includes 3 non-inhabited islands of Malta including Cominoto, Filfela and Saint Paul. These islands in the center of the Mediterranean Sea together have created the country of Malta.


Malta is bordered by the Italian island of Sicily in the north, Tunisia in the west, and Libya in the south.



Regarding the climate of this country, it should be said that the climate of this region is Mediterranean with mild and rainy winters and hot and dry summers.


The soil of the country of Malta is not fertile because it is mainly composed of rocks and therefore there are few trees and less plants and greens grow there. However, there are valleys in this country that have fertile soil and many plants grow there.


Fir and orange trees are also common in the forests of these islands.



Culture and traditions of Malta


Pictures of Malta, Malta, the capital of Malta

Culture and tradition of Malta



The culture and tradition of Malta is derived from several Italian, Spanish, Arabic, English, Phoenician and Carthaginian traditions. The integrated culture of Malta has made the guitar in the folk music of this country to be from Spain, on the other hand, the wooden porches are taken from the traditional architecture of Spain, while the celebrations, including weddings and Christmas, are taken from the people of northern Italy.



In relation to religion, the country is more influenced by Catholicism. In 2017, this religion declared the marriage of homosexuals free in this country and considered same-sex unions to be legal.


However, abortion is very taboo in this country. Taboo means social behaviors that are very ugly and disrespectful based on people’s religion and beliefs. It is interesting to know that even if a woman has been raped in this country and is pregnant, abortion faces challenges.



Tourism in Malta


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Malta has many attractive natural landscapes



As we said, Malta is a natural country that is visited by many tourists, and therefore guest houses have been built on every island of this country. However, many Maltese people prefer to travel abroad, even though Malta is an importer of the tourism industry.



The ratio of the domestic tourists of this country to the foreign tourists is decreasing.


One of the things that has had an impact on the tourism of this country has been the filming that has been done in this area. For this reason, Malta was considered as a location for filming.



Among the films that have been filmed in this country, by the sea, World War Z and Troy have been the films in which Brad Pitt has acted.


Also, introduction films such as Captain Phillips, Game of Trance and Gladiator were made in this country.



Laws and customs of the people of Malta


Peacefulness is very important in Malta, that’s why you are not allowed to honk in front of the hospital or areas that are prohibited by the government, and this is considered a crime.


It is interesting to know that chewing gum in this country means an insult, that is why you should not chew gum in public places.



In addition to being very enjoyable for the people of Malta, eating breakfast is considered an essential meal, while eating lunch is not very important for them. Because the working environment in this country is very strong, the people of Malta prefer to keep themselves light.


Due to economic conditions, the flag of Malta has undergone changes in recent years.



One of the things that you must pay attention to in Malta is being honest. The people of this country strongly dislike lies and the word “expedient lie" has not been defined for them at all. However, be careful not to lie because it can get you into trouble.



Credit cards are not that common among the people of Malta and people are not interested in using them either. Therefore, they always have the amount of cash they need with them.


Studies in Maltese schools are divided based on the conditions and level of knowledge that students have.



Maltese people are very interested in work and they do not like people who fail at work.


In addition to these cases, you will witness the presence of people and participate in the celebrations in the many events and festivals that are held in the year.



Interesting facts about Malta


Famous Maltese dishes with amazing seasonings


Malta, the capital of Malta, the center of Malta

The country of Malta has many diverse foods that have new flavors for you



If you travel to Malta, be sure to visit the restaurants of this country. Among the dishes, we can mention special malt rabbit. This dish is so delicious that it is the tongue of all travelers to Malta. Therefore, we suggest that you definitely try this dish.



In addition to this, the combinations of plants that are sold as food in this country are very delicious.


Ghahari chefs working in this country can deliver any delicious food you want by using spices correctly.



5000 year old ancient structures


Pictures of Malta, Malta, the capital of Malta

Malta has structures that are 5000 years old



If you are interested in history and ancient structures, the best country for your entertainment is Malta. In this country, you can see structures that are 5000 years old and have been in place since then. In fact, Malta’s architecture has preserved its ancient history until now.


Most of the temples of this country have been registered as world heritage by UNESCO.



Sun, sea and beach together


The stunning beaches of this country are not hidden for any traveler and it is not possible that the travelers of this country have not traveled to its beaches. When you reach the beaches, you can see the sea together with the sun that you will experience a very amazing nature. Photography in this nature will bring you a beautiful experience.



The best place for divers


If you know how to dive, the best place for you is the waters of the island of Malta. The reason for this claim is the crystal and clean water of this area. On the other hand, you can see old wrecked ships and very old structures. In addition, the vegetation and aquatic animals that live in these waters will bring you the most beautiful scenes.



But the very important point is that due to the hot and dry weather conditions in the hot seasons of the year, divers can swim for hours in the warm water and enjoy it.


Underwater is one of the things that you may encounter when you are in Qawasa.



The charm of Valletta, the capital of Malta


 Pictures of Malta, Malta, the capital of Malta

Valletta is the capital of Malta and has also been the capital of many empires



As we said, UNESCO has mentioned Valletta, the capital of Malta, that this city is one of the most concentrated historical areas in the world. Valletta was the first planned city in Europe, approved in 1565.


Malta was dominated by Greeks, Romans and Arabs for a long time, which made this city have various characteristics of the previous medieval architecture.



Malta’s relationship with England


The last thing you need to know about Malta is the connection with England and the imitations you will see of Britain in this country. As Britain ruled this country for 160 years. However, it is natural that some habits such as driving on the left have been transferred from this government to Malta.


In addition, you can see many beautiful evidences of the presence of the British Empire in this country.



Summary and closing remarks


In this article, we tried to provide you with complete information about the country of Malta, which is also called Malta. As a general summary, this country, which is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, has 5000-year-old buildings and architectures that have attracted many tourists.



There are many interesting and strange laws in this country that you should be familiar with if you plan to travel there. One of these rules and habits was the aversion to lying, which you should pay attention to.



Anyway, Malta is a beautiful country that, in addition to tourists, film directors and producers also choose this place to make historical sequences. Among the movies that were made in this area, we can mention Game of Trance and Seaside with the presence of Brad Pitt.



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