Get to know the most beautiful hotels in Germany to stay!

As the largest country in Central Europe, Germany has a lot to offer travelers. Whether you want to visit a relaxing lake, explore the Alps or step back in time in a medieval city, Germany has it all.

If you plan to visit the castles of Fussen or the museums of Berlin, it is better to stay in a hotel that is worthy of your destination.


Next, we introduce the most interesting hotels in Germany.



1. Romantik Hotel Markusturm, Rottenburg
The city of Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Bavaria is one of the most amazing travel destinations in Germany that seems to have been untouched by time and has pristine medieval architecture. Staying at the romantic Markostorm Hotel actually means that you can spend the night in a historical place. The building was built in the 13th century, and was used as temporary housing for over 500 years. A stay at the Romantic Hotel Markostorm is a great way for you to immerse yourself in the history and culture of Rottenburg ob der Tauber.



Romantik Hotel Markusturm, Rottenburg



2. Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin
There is no doubt that the highlight of the amazing Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin is its large aquarium in the lobby, which is almost 25 meters high. In addition to this beautiful aquarium known as the AquaDom, the Radisson Blu Hotel is a wonderful accommodation for any traveler in Berlin. Its rooms are luxurious and spacious, but you will probably spend most of your time enjoying the hotel’s restaurant or visiting nearby attractions such as the Pergamon Museum, Berlin Cathedral, or the Berlin Wall Memorial.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Radisson Blu Hotel, Berlin



3. Castle Hotel, Kolmberg
If you have always dreamed of spending the night in a castle, this is a unique opportunity for you. The Kölmberg Castle Hotel is located in a stunning 13th-century castle, and its rooms are a beautiful blend of historic decor and modern features. This is luxury accommodation, and your hotel will likely have unexpected features like whirlpool baths and stained glass windows. There is an excellent golf course a short distance from the castle hotel, and its dining room contains museum-worthy items such as a vintage car and real knight’s armor.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Castle Hotel, Kolmberg



4. Kempinski Hotel, Berchtesgaden
For lovers of the outdoors, there are very few hotels more amazing than the Kempinski Hotel in Brechtsgaden. Located in the German Alps, the Kempinski Hotel is a spacious and luxurious bungalow hotel that allows you to sleep just minutes from the ski lifts. This hotel is very attractive not only in winter, but also in summer because the green meadows provide a good opportunity for hiking. As a five-star hotel, the Kempinski boasts several high-end restaurants, an in-house café, a luxury spa bath and some of the best views in all of Germany.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Kempinski Hotel, Berchtesgaden



5. Mandarin Oriental, Munich
The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Munich is located in a 19th century opera house known for its decorative features. The hotel is a short distance from public transport and other major city attractions such as the Munich Residenz Palace, making it ideal for travelers looking to explore Bavaria’s largest city. The Mandarin Oriental has underfloor heating in all bathrooms, butler service, private terraces, a gym, sauna and a roof terrace with fantastic views of the city of Munich, making it the perfect place to spend your holiday in Germany. Is.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Mandarin Oriental, Munich



6. Nhow Berlin Hotel
This ultra-modern residence in the German capital is stylish and modern and revolves around music. “New Berlin" is located on the banks of the Shapri River and is a short distance from the murals on the Berlin Wall. Rooms are filled with modern features like iPod docks and Nespresso machines, and floor-to-ceiling windows in the restaurants enable guests to connect with the city’s vibrant atmosphere. You can also rent guitars and DJ equipment for your room.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Nhow Berlin Hotel



7. 25 Hours Hotel Hafencity, Hamburg
The 25 Hours Hotel in Hamburg is the first hotel to be located at the center of Europe’s largest urban development project of the 21st century: Hafen City. Its design is based on a wharf plan to match the surrounding environment of this port area. All the details of this hotel are delicately planned to be in harmony with this theme. The hotel may seem a bit chaotic at first glance, but it is actually a very exciting and attractive place. All rooms are warm, soft and cozy.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


25 Hours Hotel Hafencity, Hamburg



8. Hotel Im Wasserturm, Cologne
Im Wasserturm Hotel is undoubtedly one of the strangest and most unforgettable hotels in the bustling city of Cologne. This hotel is actually located inside a former water tower. Im Wasserturm Hotel is located in one of the residential parts of the city, but it is located right next to a metro station and is only a short walk from the famous Cologne Cathedral. The best thing about staying at this 140 year old hotel is the views It is panoramic and 360 degrees, which is possible from the roof terrace of the building.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Hotel Im Wasserturm, Cologne



9. Hotel Sonne, Fosen
The city of Fussen in the state of Bavaria is home to two amazing castles, the most popular of which is Neuschwanstein Castle. Built by King Ludwig II and modeled on Disney’s iconic castle, this castle alone is a major reason to visit Fosse. If you are staying in the city for more than a day, it is better to choose accommodation that reflects the beauty of the castle. Soneh Hotel has designed rooms that allow you to choose from romantic, historical or contemporary decors. Several in-house restaurants and a large wellness bath have added to the appeal of this luxury hotel in Fussen.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Hotel Sonne, Fosen



10. Hotel Belle Epoque, Baden-Baden
Baden-Baden is a beautiful destination in Germany known for its fun baths. Hotel Belle Époque is located in a building from the 19th century, which helps to fit the architecture of this spa town. You will fall in love with the hotel’s gentle atmosphere, and you can enjoy the wonderful self-service breakfast buffets or the charming afternoon tea after spending the day in the city’s baths.


The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany


Hotel Belle Epoque, Baden-Baden




11. Michelberger Hotel, Berlin
It is one of the trendiest hotels in Berlin, combining city vibes with modern amenities to create comfortable and affordable accommodation. Michelberger Hotel rooms have a rustic, wooden feel with a contemporary twist, and you’ll find wonderful spaces that offer functional guest offices, loft designs, and spacious suites. The hotel’s in-house restaurant serves organic and affordable food, and is a hangout for guests interested in meeting other like-minded and creative travelers visiting Berlin.

The best Germany, Germany, the most beautiful hotels in Germany

Michelberger Hotel, Berlin