Future Museum of Dubai; Where the future lives

Where is the Future Museum of Dubai?



Future Museum of Dubai, the most beautiful building in the world


Future Museum Dubai It is made with a three-dimensional design in the shape of an eye, which represents the future vision of Dubai.


Future Museum Dubai Because of its asymmetric building and three-dimensional design, it has been recognized by National Geographic as one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world.


The government of the UAE, especially the officials of the city of Dubai, are always trying to implement different ideas to attract more tourists and prepare a different environment to attract more investment from all over the world.



One of their most attractive actions is the construction of the Dubai Museum of the Future (in English: Museum of the Future) and MOTF for short, which is considered one of the newest tourist attractions in Dubai, which was opened on February 22, 2022.


This beautiful and amazing building with an area of ​​30 thousand square meters and a height of 77 meters was built on the side of Sheikh Zayed highway within 9 years.



Photos of Dubai Future Museum, Dubai Future Museum, Inside Dubai Future Museum

3D design of future museum of Dubai



The access route to the future museum of Dubai


The best way to go to Dubai Museum of the Future is to use the Dubai Red Danger Metro and get off at the Emirates Towers metro station.


A 212-meter bridge connects this structure to the Emirates Towers metro station, and to encourage people to use public transportation, the car parking space for this museum is very limited.



The entrance to the Dubai Future Museum, the poem on the Dubai Future Museum, the opening of the Dubai Future Museum

The interior architecture of the future museum of Dubai



Architectural style of future museum of Dubai


Dubai Museum of the Future with its stainless steel facade creates a high appeal under the intense Dubai sun. This steel facade has an area of ​​17,000 square meters and consists of 1,024 steel plates that are made by robots.



Steel facade panels are made of 4 layers and each layer is made after 16 stages of softening.


For the unique design of this facade, parametric modeling tools and new building design algorithms have been used.


The 3D design of the building and all its steps were done by Killa Design architecture company.



Before the final construction of the project, laser scanning was used to compare the built structure, which is unique in its kind.


This building was able to win the Tikla international award as a unique architectural model.



 Architectural style of Dubai Future Museum, view of Dubai Future Museum, photos of Dubai Future Museum

Inside the future museum of Dubai



View of Dubai Museum of the Future


The building of this museum looks like an eye, which represents the future vision of Dubai.


The exterior is distinguished from other buildings by using a creative design of Arabic lines. These calligraphic lines engraved on steel panels act as glass windows of the building and can be seen from inside.



Khatoor’s design was designed by Emirati artist Matar Bin Lahj and reflects lines of inspirational poems by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.


The translation of one of the three quotes engraved on the facade of the museum is:


The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and implement it. The future is not something you wait for, but you have to create it.



Dubai Future Museum photos, Dubai Future Museum

Different parts of Dubai Future Museum



What is going on in the future museum of Dubai?


This museum is a gateway to the world 50 years after Dubai, which shows the outstanding development for the betterment of the conditions of humanity and the strengthening of the global economy.


How future technologies, including artificial intelligence and augmented reality, can improve our lives.



This museum consists of three main parts: green hill, building, hollow part.


The green hill represents the land with the characteristics of stability, roots, permanence, time and history.


A bright and futuristic building on top of the hill represents humanity with its powers, artistic taste and ability to create a building in harmony with the surrounding environment.


At the end, the designers have symbolically displayed the unwritten future of the world and humanity by creating a hollow space.



A special area in this museum is designed for children so that they can use their hidden potential. Children aged 3-10 can enjoy the open world experience in the environment of future heroes.



View of Dubai Future Museum, Dubai Future Museum photos, Dubai Future Museum

Photos of Dubai Museum of the Future



Environmentally friendly museum


The Future Museum of Dubai, with its creative design, generates its own 4,000 megawatts of electricity from solar energy. This museum is the first museum in the Middle East that has a platinum certificate for energy leadership and environmental design, and has been able to obtain the highest score among green buildings in the world.



Inside the Future Museum of Dubai, the entrance to the Future Museum of Dubai, poetry on the Future Museum of Dubai

The Future Museum of Dubai is an environmentally friendly museum



Dubai Future Museum Park


The park that surrounds the Future Museum of Dubai contains 80 plant species and is equipped with an automatic irrigation system and a water recycling system.



Visiting hours, museum ticket prices


The working hours of the museum are from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm every day, and the doors of the museum are closed at 5:00 pm and it is no longer possible to enter.


The price of the entrance ticket to the museum is 145 dirhams per person.


The ticket price for children over 3 years old is considered full.


The price of the museum ticket is free for children under 3 years old, the disabled and the elderly.


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