Forest bubbles are a tourist attraction in Thailand

Forest bubbles


Jungle Bubbles, a luxury resort in Thailand


Forest bubbles It is one of the tourist attractions of Thailand where you can experience the pleasure of the green landscape and watching the life of elephants and the stars overhead while sleeping in a luxurious space.


Forest bubbles One of the tourist attractions in Thailand is the 5-star Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort in Chiang Rai, Thailand.



Two transparent bubbles placed on a wooden platform in the forest, which gives you a view of the life of the elephants, as well as the green landscape and the stars overhead.



Forest bubbles are custom designed with polyester fabric and high technology and unique, which allows guests to enjoy an all-round experience close to nature and watching elephants.



The accommodation inside the forest bubbles is 22 square meters of covered space with a large size bed, two chairs and a small table next to the bed. The bedroom and living room have escaped inside a transparent bubble, and the toilets and bathrooms have been installed inside a non-transparent bubble.



Setting up a Jungle Bubble Hotel, photos of Jungle Bubbles, Jungle Bubbles Residence

Watching elephants in the jungle bubbles of Thailand



Stay in the jungle bubbles of Thailand


The cost of staying in jungle bubbles in Thailand starts from $600 per night for two people, which includes a fully equipped mini bar, 24-hour dining service, and tea and coffee facilities.



The most important rule of this residence that you must follow is that tourists are not allowed to touch or feed the elephants.



Two transparent bubbles are located next to a large forest area that is home to three rescued elephants. You can watch the elephants playing with toys hanging from the trees while resting.



There is a sugarcane field in front of your residence, and this makes the elephants always a few steps away from you.



To go to the jungle bubble resort, you can only take a backpack with you.



Thailand tourist attraction, bubble forest, stay in Thai forest bubbles

Forest bubbles, wonders of Thailand tourism



Before sunrise, the staff will take the tourists from the main residence to the forest bubbles with a military jeep on a dirt road, then you will reach the bubbles after a short walk through the rice paddies.



Shortly after your arrival, an evening picnic basket full of sandwiches and cold foods of your choice will be prepared for you.



After a few hours of the night, the moon will be right above the bubbles and will illuminate the bubbles amazingly, so you will definitely need the blindfolds placed next to the bed to sleep. Of course, due to the fact that elephants usually make noise during the night, the probability that you will be able to fall asleep is low.



The beds have curtains that you can pull the curtain next to the bed if you need privacy.



Photo of Hababay Jungle, Hababay Jungle Residence, Golden Triangle Residence

Golden Triangle Lodge – Jungle Bubbles



The idea of ​​making forest bubbles


The general manager of the complex, Godric Herrand, has always dreamed of pushing the boundaries and providing a luxurious and modern experience without limits to the guests. For this reason, he was the first person to stay in these bubbles, and with his personal experience, he added amenities to have comfortable air and a luxurious stay inside the bubbles.



In northern Thailand, the winter is short and very cold, and the humidity is very high, that’s why the bubbles have an air conditioning system, a heater for heating the open space and a dehumidifier to have a pleasant weather in all seasons.



All three elephants of Anantra Residence were brought to this area between 2006 and 2010, and the elephant survey team had enough time to get to know their behavior. Like humans, elephants enjoy being with special elephants and even fight with their friends. Two of the elephants in the residence have become almost inseparable and if an attempt is made to separate them, they experience severe anxiety.



Photo of Hababay Jungle, Hababay Jungle Residence, Golden Triangle Residence

Anantra Golden Triangle Resort – Jungle Bubbles



Anantra Golden Triangle Elephant Lodge and Camp


To get to Anantra Resort, you have to take a plane to Chiang Rai. To reach the resort, you have to drive for an hour and then take a 15-minute boat ride on the Myung River.



You will visit the coasts of Laos and Myanmar while moving on the river by motor boat.



This camp and residence is located on the edge of the northern border of Thailand in the city of Chiang Saen and one hour away from the city of Chiang Rai.



Anantra Resort has Salamae Nam Thai Restaurant and Baan Dalia Italian Restaurant.



Next to the swimming pool of the residence, you can enjoy drinks from Cafe Phil and Opium Terrace.


The rooms of the residence are spacious and have traditional decoration and a balcony where you can watch the view of Myanmar and Laos from these balconies.


The activities organized by Anantra Residence, in addition to staying in forest bubbles, include:


One day tour to Laos and Myanmar


Boat ride on the river


Spa treatment


Cooking classes and Muay Thai (Thailand’s national sport and cultural symbol, which is considered one of the official free sports styles.)


Motorcycle riding with the hotel staff on classic Royal Enfield motorcycles that have a seat next to the motorcycle.



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