Familiarity with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest and oldest pyramids

One of the most important pyramids in Egypt is the Great Pyramid of Giza


The Giza pyramid in Egypt is a masterpiece of ancient architecture


The Egyptian pyramids are one of the most amazing man-made works that date back thousands of years. The Giza Pyramid is one of the most famous pyramids located in the Giza region and in the city of Cairo, Egypt.


Introducing the Pyramid of Giza


One of the largest and oldest pyramids of the Egyptian pyramids is the Giza pyramid. This pyramid is also known as Khufu’s pyramid and Kheus’ pyramid.


This pyramid was built in 2560-2580 BC in Cairo, Egypt and has a long history.


The Pyramid of Giza or Khufu is one of the highest pyramids in Egypt and has a height of 147 meters.


Before the construction of the 3000-meter Eiffel Tower, Khufu’s pyramid was considered one of the tallest structures in the world, but today, due to erosion, its height has decreased by 10 meters.


Khufu is the name of one of the pharaohs of Egypt during the fourth dynasty, who was accepted as pharaoh in 2589 BC. Exactly when Khufu was in charge, the project of building the pyramid started. One hundred thousand workers worked for 20 years to extract the pyramid stones from the mine and build the pyramid.



Also, more than 2 million stones have been used to build this amazing pyramid, and each stone weighs between 2 and 30 tons, although some of them sometimes weigh up to 50 tons.


Great Pyramid of Giza, photo of Great Pyramid of Giza, photo of Great Pyramid of Giza

Over 2 million stones were used during the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza


Materials used to build the pyramid of Giza


The stone blocks that were used in the construction of this pyramid were of “Tura stone" which was extracted from the mines and rivers around Cairo. The stones found in this building weigh between 25 and 80 tons and it is believed that they were transported 800 kilometers away from the place where the pyramid was built. The ancient Egyptians cut these stones by hitting wooden pens that were wet with water. When the stones were cut into pieces of the right size, they were transported by boat on the Nile River to the construction site of the pyramid.


At the end of the construction of the pyramid, the whole structure is covered with white limestone. In 1303, a huge earthquake occurred, which caused the collapse of many stone facades of this structure. Today, only part of limestone can be seen in the base parts of this structure.


What are the characteristics of the Giza pyramid?


Building a pyramid is still one of the unknown wonders of the world. The golden number or Fibonacci sequence was used to build this pyramid. Some parts of the pyramid are bent to match the radius of the earth, and it is interesting to know that this pyramid is located in the most central point of the earth, so that the sunlight shines vertically on this pyramid.


It is said that the pyramid is visible from the surface of the moon and other parts of space in the form of a bright star. Tourists can easily visit this strange structure in the world.


The Great Pyramid of Giza has three parts, in the lower part of which there is the king’s chamber. In the king’s room, there is a chest made of granite, which is made of sapphire and bronze. It is interesting to know that the size of the box is bigger than the paths of the pyramid, so it is predicted that this box was placed there during the construction of the pyramid.


The materials used to build the Great Pyramid of Giza, the architecture of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the story of the Great Pyramid of Giza

One of the parts of the Great Pyramid of Giza is dedicated to the king’s room


The story of the Egyptian pyramids


Egyptian pharaohs used to plan for their after-death during their lifetime and in some way designed their after-death program in such a way that their eternal life is guaranteed. Among the pyramids that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt prepared for themselves based on their idea of ​​life after death, the Giza pyramid is the largest and most representative of the pyramids in which Khufu is buried.


This pyramid consists of different parts such as the queen’s room, the large gallery and the king’s room, each of which has a special beauty.


Queen’s room of the Giza pyramid


This room is in the middle of your way to the south side. Its height is between 4 and 5 meters, which is not considered very big. Today, because of the thieves who have damaged the inner building, its height is less visible.


The queen and wife of Khufu are buried in this tomb. At first, it was thought that this tomb belonged to one of the sons of Khufu, but after the passage of time and with more research, this theory was rejected and it was found that this tomb is the wife of Khufu.


Mertites I and Khnotsen were Khufu’s wives and it is not yet known which one of them fell into eternal sleep in this tomb.


Great Pyramid of Giza, photo of Great Pyramid of Giza, photo of Giza Pyramid

The Great Pyramid of Giza consists of three sections: the King’s Chamber, the Queen’s Chamber and the Great Gallery



Great Giza Pyramid Gallery


The Grand Gallery is basically a passage with stone-covered walls. There are writings on this wall that tell what happened at that time. By going through these writings, it is as if you are traveling in history. Archaeologists and Egyptologists have been working on these writings for years to solve unanswered mysteries.


The height of this passage is about 15 to 10 meters and its width decreases in the upper part. According to archaeologists, the embalmed body of Pharaoh passed through this passage.



The king’s room in the Giza pyramid


This room is located in the northern part to the west of the pyramid and is bigger than the queen’s room. Khufu’s tomb is located in this room and the tomb is made of granite and weighs about 400 tons.


The surface of the coffin has a beautiful design and beautiful patterns can be seen on it, each of which gives a special meaning. For reasons that have not yet been determined, a part of this tomb has been destroyed.



The architecture of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the story of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Great Pyramid of Giza

Inside the King’s Chamber located in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Khufu’s body is buried inside a tomb


Interesting facts about the Pyramid of Giza, Egypt


Contrary to the extensive studies and researches that have been done in this field, archaeologists still cannot understand how the builders of this structure have succeeded in placing large pieces of stone thousands of years ago without using modern technology and tools. put



Many people have suspected the involvement of extraterrestrials in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids, and they have many reasons to prove it.


The Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Giza is known as the oldest and largest pyramid among the three pyramids. In addition, ancient Greece mentions the Pyramid of Giza as the first wonder of the world. It is interesting to know that the Pyramid of Giza is the only one of the Seven Ancient Wonders that has survived to this day.



No mummies or remains of anything else have been discovered in the Pyramid of Giza, and apparently there never was a mummy in the Pyramid, and it is also unlikely that the Pyramid of Giza was looted in the past.


In addition to the fact that this structure is made of megalithic stone blocks and their size is also very large, this structure itself is a unique structure and is considered the only eight-sided pyramid in Egypt.



Another interesting thing is the concavity of the four faces of the pyramid of Giza, something that cannot be seen in other pyramids. Of course, this engine is so low that it cannot be seen from the ground or from a distance, instead, this design must be seen from above and in the right light conditions.


This phenomenon has been a mystery to mankind for the past few thousand years because the concave design can only be seen from above at sunrise or sunset during the spring and autumn equinoxes.



This huge structure is built on a land with an area of ​​55 thousand square meters. The size of each face of the pyramid reaches more than 20 thousand square meters.


Another attraction of this pyramid is that the temperature of the inner part of this pyramid is equal to 20 degrees Celsius, which is almost equal to the temperature of the earth.



Photo of the Great Pyramid of Giza, photo of the Great Pyramid of Giza, important pyramids of Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza is built on an area of ​​55,000 square meters


Entry way for tourists and looters


In the past, many looters entered the pyramid to get the gold and jewels that were buried with the king, which is one of the reasons for the destruction of the pyramid.


The tunnel dug by the looters has access to the inner parts of the pyramid and today tourists also enter the pyramid from this part.


Many traps have been placed during the construction of this pyramid so that thieves and looters cannot enter it. For this reason, most of the thieves are killed by the traps after entering the pyramid. Some people believed that the reason for this happened was the curse of Pharaoh.



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