Discover the lost world in Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is one of the strange and special mountains on the border between Brazil and Venezuela


Angel Falls and Mount Roraima, in a lost world!


Mount Roraima It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world, which is located in the heights of the border forest area between the two countries of Brazil and Venezuela. In this article, you will learn more about this tourist attraction.


Appearance of Mount Roraima


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Mount Roraima is in the shape of a quadrangular table


Mount Roraima One of the beautiful and strange mountains with a special appearance is located above the border forest area between the two countries of Brazil and Venezuela. This mountain is about 400 meters long and has beautiful waterfalls.


This mountain is one of the world’s attractions and looks like a square table.


Due to the heavy rainfall on this mountain, we always see flowing waterfalls around it. The waterfalls are among the highest waterfalls in the world.


Mount Roraima is one of the tourist attractions of Venezuela

 Where is Mount Roraima, the appearance of Mount Roraima, the tourist attractions of Venezuela

Mount Roraima in Venezuela is about 2810 meters high


The age of this mountain reaches about two billion years ago and it has natural structures and all kinds of animals and plants especially, so that their examples cannot be found anywhere in the world.


Venezuela is one of the most beautiful countries in South America and the main natural beauty of this country is related to its unique mountains. Mountains that attract many adventurers and tourists every year.


Mount Roraima is located on the border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. The height of this mountain is about 2810 meters and the only way to climb this mountain is from Gran Grana in Venezuela. This steep path is in the form of natural stairs and tourists can reach the top of the mountain through it.


The age of Mount Roraima


Angel waterfall in Mount Roraima, time to discover Mount Roraima, access route to Mount Roraima

Angel Falls is located on Mount Roraima


This mountain is different from other common mountains around the world due to its unique appearance. The formation time of this mountain reaches two billion years ago. When the American continent separated from the African continent, ocean water flowed from Africa to America. This continent has lands that are full of these waters.


This event, together with the erosion of soft soils, causes a new structure to be found. These natural events cause the formation of quartz stones. These mountains have a low height, but Roraima Mountain has a height of about 2810 meters. This mountain is made of hard Kuratz rock. This large quartz is formed in such a way that it looks as if someone has carved it.


This mountain is not only unique because of its appearance, but another reason for this is the existence of a waterfall that flows over it. Nothing has been discovered about the formation of these waterfalls so far, so that even scientists have not been able to come to a conclusion about the existence of tunnels and caves and all kinds of animal species on this mountain.


Time to discover Mount Roraima


This mountain and its surrounding area were discovered in 1884 by Everard Thorne. In 1912, the author of the famous Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was inspired by this mountain in his novel The Lost World. He writes in this novel: “Cavemen and prehistoric animals like dinosaurs lived on this mountain."


Mount Roraima was officially discovered in 1935 by an American pilot and explorer named James Angel, completely by accident. In a flight, due to lack of fuel, he is forced to make an emergency landing and lands on top of this mountain. Airplane wheels get stuck on muddy ground. He and his companions are forced to spend some time there and during this time they start to explore this area and discover Angel Falls. This waterfall was named after Jimmy.


Angle Falls



Mount Roraima, photo of Mount Roraima, where is Mount Roraima

There are no vehicular roads around Mount Roraima


This waterfall has a height of about 979 meters and is the highest waterfall in the world. The amount of rain in this area is very abundant and the water from the rainfall flows on a high plateau called Eventio and flows from the corners of the channels of this plateau and forms the beautiful Angel waterfall.


This waterfall has a steep slope and looks like a single waterfall from a distance, while if you look at it from a close distance, you will notice the existence of caves and small and large channels that exist between the rocks and water flows from them.


Vegetation and fauna in Mount Roraima


On top of Roraima mountain, there are all kinds of plant and animal species that are unique and cannot be found in other parts of the world.


The geographical and climatic location of this region has made a third of the plants evolve there, and most of them are carnivores. This place is also home to carnivorous and poisonous animals, so you should be very careful if you travel to this area.


The surface of this mountain is so smooth that it looks like they have polished it with sandpaper. This mountain and its surrounding area are full of mystery and for this reason it is known as the lost world.


Access route to the area and Mount Roraima


Since there are no roads for cars in this area, the best way to get there is by flying in small planes, which cost about 50 dollars.


The best time to visit Mount Roraima


If you are planning to go to this beautiful area, it is recommended to choose the time when there is the most rainfall in this area. The more rainfall there is, the more dense the water flow is, and the waterfalls reach their peak beauty. You can plan your trip for the months between June and November. Of course, it depends on your preference for rainy and humid weather because this region generally has a rainy and cool and pleasant climate.


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