Amazing Kyaikhtiyo Temple in Myanmar

Kyaikhtiyo Temple


Sometimes a historical monument and tourist attraction may be beautiful but equally scary and exciting. Kyaikhtiyo Buddhist Temple is one of the most amazing attractions in the world in Myanmar. Maintaining the balance of this temple is really surprising and maybe it can be considered a kind of miracle.


Myanmar’s Kyaikhtiyo Temple


Myanmar is one of the mysterious lands, one of its characteristics is its small and big temples, which are a window to the culture of this region. One of the most famous of these temples is Kyaikhtiyo Temple.


Buddhist temple “Kyaikhtiyo" in Myanmar is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world, which is located on top of Kyaikhtiyo mountain, on the golden rock in Yangon state in Myanmar. The Buddhist temple “Kayaktyu" looks scary and exciting at the same time as it is beautiful and attractive.


Kyaikhtiyo Temple, tourist wonder, the most famous temples in the world

“Kiaiktiou" temple is one of the wonders of tourism in the world


As if golden in the sky

This golden rock with a height of nearly 8 meters and a diameter of 15 meters shines in the sky. These features are enough to make this temple one of the most important attractions in Myanmar. In addition to being a place of worship for its followers, Kayaktiyo faces a huge number of tourists every year. According to statistics, this temple is the third most visited attraction of this country among tourists.


The incredible balance of the “Kiaktiv" temple


This amazing temple is placed on a rock in an incredible way and keeps its balance on the edge of this rock. One of the important reasons for the fame of this temple is its location on the edge of the rock, which has made it one of the wonders of the world.


Kyaikhtiyo temple, tourist wonders, world tourist attractions

Amenities around the temple


Legends and beliefs of people about Kyaikhtiyo temple


Buddhist legends say that this rock was at the bottom of the sea and Buddha lifted it with supernatural power and placed it in its current place.


Some local people believe that the Buddha held this rock firmly in place with a lock of his holy hair. Very religious people and Buddhist devotees believe that people who come to this temple will be cured and all their sins will be forgiven.


To reach this tourist place, you have to go up a winding road with a truck or van through Kinpan village and reach this place after traveling 11 kilometers through the dark forest. Up there, there are restaurants, cafes, restrooms, etc. near the temple for visitors.


Kyaikhtiyo Temple, tourist wonders, Myanmar

Kyaikhtiyo Temple, as if golden in the sky




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