A trip to Huilo Huilo Montaña Magica , one of the strangest hotels in the world

Montaña Hotel is one of the strangest hotels in the world

Where is LaMontana Hotel?

LaMontana Hotel One of the strangest hotels in the world is located in the Huilo Huilo protected area in Chile. This hotel is similar to the hobbit house and is built like a volcano.

A trip to LaMontana Hotel, one of the strangest hotels in the world

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful moments in the life of every human being, and the sweet memories of the trip remain in the mind even after years, and after remembering it, the feeling of satisfaction and satisfaction is palpable.

Today, travel and tourism has become a lucrative and global industry, and all over the world efforts are being made to expand this industry. A comfortable stay and making a good memory is one of the most important goals in the tourism industry, on the other hand, creating strange and wonderful places has increased competition among different countries.

Some of these financiers and managers in the tourism industry have used magical creativity to make their hotels and residences look special for tourists.

Every year, with the increase in the number of trips and the expansion of the tourism industry, many hotels and accommodation places are built in all parts of the world so that you can make a pleasant and memorable trip experience for travelers.

Some of these hotels and residences have become famous in the world because of their strange design and they are called exotic hotels. One of the most magical hotels in the world Lamontaya Magica Hotel in Chile Is.

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The LaMontana Hotel is similar to the Hobbit house in the Lord of the Rings movie

If you have seen the Lord of the Rings series of movies, one of the most famous movies in the world, and you are a fan of this movie, you definitely wish to experience a night in the peace and comfort of the Hobbit house (the famous dwarves of the movie).

For this reason, the officials of Huelo Huelo Environmental Protection Zone in Chile decided to build a house with the same shape and architecture for those interested and create a strange and memorable memory for travelers.

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La Montana Magica Hotel in Huehuehuelo Reserve, Chile

La Montana Magica Hotel (Montana Magica Lodge) is an interesting hotel located in an ecological reserve called Huilo Huilo in Chile.

Although LaMontana Magica Hotel is built like a volcano, water gushes out from the top in the form of a waterfall and has a cable suspension bridge to its front door.

Most of the time, the hotel has a wonderful layer of mosses and plant animals. which has made it look like a hobbit house.

Strange hotels in the world, Hotel LaMontana Magica, Hotel LaMontana Chile

LaMontana Hotel is one of the strangest hotels in the world

Its hedge windows are made irregularly and they have placed it among the strangest hotels in the world. Of course, if all this is not enough to make the hotel legendary for you, they have covered the entire building with growing plants.

In Huelo Huelo resort, you can see Huelo Huelo waterfall, which is located in Chile and its total height is 40 meters. Also, in La Montana Hotel, you can see the smallest species of deer called Pudu in the world and the longest compact linear system in South America. He enjoyed seeing all the magical wonders of this area.

This hotel is made of local wood and stone, and each of its nine rooms is equipped with modern facilities and has large windows to view the surrounding forest scenery. In this hotel, the rooms are named after different birds.

Podo deer is a species of deer that lives in South America. These deer are the smallest deer in the world. The height of these deer is from 32 to 44 cm and their length is up to 85 cm.

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In Lamontana Hotel, the rooms are named after different birds

Among the services provided by the hotel, we can mention the “hot tub" which is created from the trunk of big trees and filled with hot water and placed on the veranda overlooking the forest. A mini golf course is also available in the forest for guests. Various outdoor activities such as horse riding, boating and walking are also possible in this hotel.


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