6 famous water canals in the world

Famous water channels in the world


In fact, the cities that are all over the world because of the roads and Blue channels Self-identified, they tend to introduce themselves as part of the Venice of the world.


Famous water channels in the world
Water canals located in some cities attract millions of tourists every year. Although these attractive water channels seem simple, they were built for some urban applications and have played a key role throughout history. In this article, the most famous water channels are given.

Venice Water Canal – Italy



Venice water canal in Italy



It is safe to say that there is no structure in the world similar to the bridge and canals of Venice. On the other hand, the city of Venice is considered one of the places with amazing geographic and historical attractions. Undoubtedly, tourists from all over the world will visit this beautiful city to see with their own eyes everything they have heard about the bridge and canals of Venice.

Amsterdam Water Canal – Netherlands



Amsterdam water canal in the Netherlands



Short bridges, crooked trees, and narrow historic houses line the many canals of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. On a trip to Amsterdam, you can go on a cruise or stay in houseboats and make the canals your base. You can also sail along the canals using your own pedal boats. You can rent pedal boats at one anchorage and deliver them at the next anchorage.

Bangkok – Thailand canals



Bangkok Water Canal



Klong is a Thai word for canal. Historically, Thai people used the canals for transportation and trade, giving Bangkok the nickname “Venice of the East". Today, many canals have been filled to be used as streets. But you can still see the traditional version of the floating market on the Damnoen Saduak canal in Ratchaburi province, or to get to central Bangkok to avoid the traffic by waterway or Saen Saeb canal, boat. get on board


Canals of Suzhou – China



Suzhou Water Canal in China



Suzhou is often called the “Venice of China", located in eastern China on the Yangtze River. Suzhou was founded in the 5th century BC and is famous for its charming waterways, which has a winding garden and a historic stone bridge.

Brandenburg Canal – Germany



Brandenburg Water Canal in Germany



About 100 kilometers southeast of Berlin in Brandenburg, Germany, the beautiful Spreewald reserve is located. This area is located next to the “Spree" river, where many lively pastures and meadows can be seen. In 1991, the Spreewald was registered on the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve list with its abundant water resources for agriculture and more than 200 canals.


Along the canals, you will see herons standing silently in the shadows and turquoise kingfishers speeding along the surface of the water. In summer evenings, fishermen line up by the river. And in the evening, they try the fish they have caught in local restaurants where carp and other fresh fish are considered special food.

Panama Canal



Panama Canal


77 km of man-made canal has made many changes in shipping and travel. The Panama Canal, which was created as a narrow strip in the land of Panama, connected the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This water canal was completed in 1914, and it made the ships move from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean by passing through a series of gates and no longer need to travel the long and dangerous route around South America. Today, this water channel is very famous and more than 14 thousand ships pass through it every year.


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